Sunday, March 13, 2011

Season 1 Draft Grades - AL West

Anaheim Angels
Taken one pick after McInerney, #16 overall Rey Sowders is projected to be better defensively but won’t be the offensive force that McInerney could be. Still, Sowders will give above average offense from the catcher position, and his ability to find his way on base along with his defensive chops will make him a very good ML player. Brandon Townsend, taken at #49, is another player projected with outstanding defensive ability who can be average to slightly below at the plate. Being strong up the middle is a baseball pillar, and the Angels certainly followed that philosophy in their draft.
Overall Grade: B-
Best Pick: Rey Sowders – 1st Round

Colorado Rockies
1st rounder Kordell Stanley is going to make life for pitchers miserable. The only question is how many games a season this will be. Being in COL is going to make his slightly above average power better, but his plus-plus hit tool is going to punish pitchers in his home park. 3rd rounder Yorrick Klingenbeck should find his way to the Majors as a platoon player who can play any of the 4 corners. His power, of which there is plenty, will be enhanced in COL as well. There’s not much else in the draft for COL, but putting a beefcake lineup together in COL is always preferable, and those two go a long way towards doing just that.
Overall Grade: B-
Best Pick: Kordell Stanley – 1st round

Oakland Athletics
With the #2 pick in the draft, OAK selects Benj Fox. Rumor has it he dropped the i from Benji in his name because there is no I in team. That’s how good this guy’s makeup is. Playing SS in the minors, but he projects to be a Gold Glove caliber 2B who could be just flat dominant at the plate. The only concern is just how many games will Benj get to play, as his DUR is of some concern. Just for good measure, OAK picked up Juan Rosa in the supp round. Yeah, another great catching prospect from the 1st season draft for a world with few impact catchers. Wanna know how I know you’ve had a good draft? When you’re picking up fringe ML players like Ernie Rushford in the 5th round, that’s how.
Overall Grade: A
Best Pick: Benj Fox – 1st round

Seattle Mariners
A no frills, draft the best player available and let’s do our jobs kind of draft. Danny Lee at #22 in this draft is a border line steal. Troy Roosevelt and Fonzi McGee in rounds 2 and 3 will be effective, if somewhat undervalued, ML relievers. 5th rounder Gene Barclay has elite and potentially Hulk-like power and his splits and defense are good enough that being a backup COF/1B/DH and getting 300-350 AB a year isn’t out of the question.
Overall Grade: B
Best Pick: Danny Lee – 1st round

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