Thursday, June 9, 2011

Playoff Races To Watch

NL North
The Milwaukee Brewers (71-55) hold a 3-game edge over the Chicago Cubs (68-58) with 36 games to play. The Cubs own the NL's top scoring offense, while the Brewers' top 5 pitching staff hopes to hold them off. If the race remains close, a season-ending 3-game series could determine the division champion.
Head-to-head games left: 3

AL North
The Chicago White Sox (64-62) are holding onto a slim 2-game lead over the Minnesota Twins (62-64). The Twins and White Sox are both middle of the pack in pitching and offense, so look for this race to come down to the next-to-last series of the season, with 3 games being played in the Windy City.
Head-to-head games left: 3

AL Wildcard
This will be a scrum with 4 teams within 1 game of the lead.

Although not quite decided, these two divisions are the only divisions with the second-place team being within 5 games of first. Unfortunately the excitement for the playoff races will likely be who can get their guys rested while still holding onto their seed. Here's hoping for a shake-up soon.

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