Thursday, January 19, 2012

Top 10 Free Agents

  1. RHP Apollo Gibson (MIL)
    Re-signed w/MIL (3yrs/$68M with a mutual option and no-trade)
    This is a very good signing. Gibson can still pitch despite being 35 yrs old. He’s still competitive, can go deep in games, although his workload will have to be monitored with his low durability. His health is a concern as he missed most of S3 with an injury.
  2. RHP Junior Carrasco (CH1)
    Signed w/TB (2yrs/$11.2M)
    To sign the #2 overall free agent for this price is just insance. Although Carrasco lacks great stamina, he’s durable, has good control, and should be able to get a ton of strikeouts. Health is a concern with him.
  3. 3B Sam Schwartz (TB)
    Signed w/CH1 (5yrs/$75.9M; Team option & no-trade)
    The best offensive player, Schwartz isn’t old, but he isn’t young either. He’s beginning to lose some power, but he should stay a dangerous hitter for the entirety of the contract .The Cubs have moved him to RF to take advantage of his range and arm strength without hurting the infield offense.
  4. RHP Jason Drew (MIL)
    Signed w/CIN (1yr/$5.1M)
    Signed to anchor the Cincinnati rotation, Drew is a steal. Dominant against RHP with 4 plus pitches, he is primarily a GB pitcher, so he fits well in Cincinnati.
  5. SS Tim Priest (PIT)
    Signed w/HOU (2yrs/$8.8M)
    Although he lacks the ideal arm strength at SS, Priest has been moved to CF where his range and glove should be a very big advantage for the Astros. He’ll cover some ground and make some plays. He can also hit pretty well too.
  6. 1B Gerald Martin (CIN)
    Signed w/PHI (2yrs/$6.4M)
    A top-notch offensive player, Martin does struggle somewhat with being on the field a lot, but when he’s on it, he dominates LHP. He hits for power, makes solid contact and has a good eye. Not a good defender at the corner.
  7. 2B Esteban Albaladejo (PIT)
  8. RHP Eugenio Nunez (BOS)
    Signed w/CLE (4yrs/$29.6M)
    He’s young so that is what makes this signing better in my mind. He struggles with his control, but he does well against RHB. He’s a flyball pitcher, with some solid pitches. Throws very hard. Good stamina.
  9. RHP Jason Gibson (CIN)
  10. CF Orlando Soriano (CH1)
    Signed w/WAS (2yrs/$14.2M)
    Hits for good power and makes solid contact. Doesn’t have near ideal range for CF. Great eye. Great glove.

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