Thursday, April 12, 2012

Top Free Agents - S6

Top C
1.       Bernie Ontiveros (L)
Ontiveros is old and not very durable, but he makes good contact. Has some power, drives the ball well, and can work the count a bit. He can call a game, and has an average arm.
2.       Raymond Rudolph (R)
At 27, Rudolph is one of the youngest available FA. He has decent power, makes decent contact. Struggles to drive the ball, but does have a good eye. Solid arm, but lacks accuracy. Calls a decent game. Very durable.
3.       George Fischer (L)
Decent power and contact. Does a solid job of driving the ball. Great eye. Weak arm. Not a great game caller. Lacks ideal durability.

Top 1B
1.       Robert Rogers (R)
An elite offensive player, Rogers makes good contact. Does a great job of driving the ball. Great eye. Solid defensively. Does not have elite power.
2.       Neal Ashby (R)
Solid contact. Decent splits. Great eye. Weak defensively. Will hit some out of the park, but does not possess that elite power.
3.       Jun-Lee Sasaki (R)
Good power with good contact. Struggles against RHP, does alright against LHP. Good eye. Terrible defender.

Top 2B
1.       Jose Viriato (R)
Viriato is an elite offensive player, not just 2B. Good contact, solid power. Great splits. Great eye. Weak baserunner, but great speed. He’s below average defensively, but his offensive ratings make up for that.
2.       Maicer Tavarez (R)
Not much of a defender, he’s a solid offensive player. Decent power with good contact. Solid splits. Very good eye.
3.       Wally Bernero (R)
The opposite of Tavarez, Bernero is a good defender. Lacks contact. Ok power. Decent splits. Average eye.

Top 3B
1.       Ruben Hernandez (R)
Lacks great range, but otherwise solid defensively. Doesn’t have great power or contact, but does a good job of driving the ball. Average eye.
2.       Douglas Sheffield (S)
Solid defensively, Sheffield is prone to striking out. Solid eye. Good at driving the ball. Decent power.
3.       Esteban Albaladejo (L)
Decent defensively. Lacks power. Decent contact. Average splits. Weak eye.
Top SS
1.       Buster Sappelt (S)
Solid splits. Decent eye. Not a great defender. Struggles making contact. Decent power.
2.       Eric Dickson (R)
Very weak offensively as he struggles to make contact and doesn’t have much power. Great eye. Good baserunner. Lacks ideal range, but very good glove and arm.
3.       Damion Kim (S)
Doesn’t excel at any one thing as he is mediocre defensively. Pedestrian offensively as well.

Top LF
1.       Reed Hoyt (L)
One of the better offensive players available, Hoyt isn’t great defensively. Hits for good power. Good splits. Fast. Lower contact rate than you would like.
2.       Gene Fox (L)
Good defensive LF. Good contact. Solid power. Solid splits. Good eye.
3.       Tony Guevara (R)
Hits for a good average. Some power. Good splits. Decent eye. Not great defensively.

Top CF
1.       Ringo Johnson (L)
Solid defensively. Great power. Struggles against LHP but dominates RHP. Average eye. Solid contact.
2.       Danys Martin (L)
Lacks good range, but has a solid glove. Decent contact with decent power. Better against RHP. Good eye.
3.       Carson James (L)
Another CF who lacks range, but has a good glove. Solid leadoff man with good contact and eye. Decent splits. Lacks power.

Top RF
1.       Jose Camacho (R)
Good contact. Average power. Solid splits. Average eye. Not a great defender, but not too terrible.
2.       Victor Sanchez (R)
Great splits. Decent defensively. Solid power. Struggles making contact. Average eye.
3.       Richard Martin (S)
Solid offensively. Weak eye. Decent power, contact, and splits. Lacks ideal arm.

Top SP
1.       Edgar Martin (R)
Great control. Dominant splits. Doesn’t blow people away. Great groundball pitcher. Good pitches. Great stamina/durability combination.
2.       Hugh Downs (L)
Great control. Good splits. Better against LHB. Elite groundball pitcher. Great pitch combinations. Lacks ideal stamina.
3.       Pepe Vazquez (L)
Struggles with his health. Lacks ideal stamina. Struggles against RHB. Solid groundball pitcher. Very good pitch combination. Good control.

Top RP
1.       Bert Moses (R)
Lacks ideal stamina/durability combinations. Dominant against RHB. Doesn’t struggle against LHB. Throws hard. Solid pitch combination. Won’t walk many.
2.       Carmen Key (L)
Lacks ideal control. Lacks ideal stamina/durability. Good groundball pitcher. Great pitch combinations. Good splits.
Parker Nicholas (R)
Great control. Lacks ideal stamina/durability. Solid splits. Lacks great velocity. Solid pitch combinations.

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