Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Free Agent Review

Top C
1.       Eric English (CIN; 1yr/$3.6M)
English has a weaker than ideal arm, but does have accuracy and can call a game. He has some power, drives the ball well, and doesn’t strike out much. Won’t work the count better than your average ballplayer.
hurricane384 says: We thought that we were set at C heading into the offseason, but the opportunity to add a player like English was too great to pass up.
2.       Dick Simon (Free Agent)
Has a solid arm and can call a decent enough game. He has a good eye, and is solid against RHP. He is average against LHP. Doesn’t have great power. Can put the bat on the ball with some regularity.
3.       Luis Bravo (FLA; 2yrs/$10.0M)
Tremendous power and dominates against LHP. He has a solid eye, and can still drive the ball against RHP. Average ability to put the bat on the ball. Can’t call a game, and struggles throwing runners out.
mtorabdaddy says:

Top 1B/DH
1.       Gerald Martin (Free Agent)
Puts the bat on the ball more often than not. Has solid power. Better against LHP than RHP. Very good eye. Limited defensively.
2.       Royce Thomas (COL; 1yr/$3.4M)
Very good power. Solid contact. Drives the ball well. Decent eye. Limited defensively.
3.       Mark Feng (Free Agent)
Dominates LHP. Solid against RHP. Average eye. Solid power. Average at putting the bat on the ball. Decent eye. No defensive ability.

Top 2B
1.       Daryl Cosby (CH1; 3 yrs/$13.5M) **Moved to 3B**
Makes good contact with decent power. Average at driving the ball and mediocre eye. Plays good defense, but does suffer from a bit of an inaccurate arm.
tk21775 says: We were looking for a FA for 2B and noticed Cosby. Once we landed him we realized he'd be a better fit at 3B and we moved Sweeny over to 2B. While we'd like a stronger bat at 3B out of him, we figure it will be a wash as Sweeney's bat will be more out of 2B than we're use to and Cosby should handle 3B defevsively for us
2.       Jonathan Goodman (MON; 2yrs/$13.6M)
Dominates LHP, does alright against RHP. Average contact and power. Great eye. So-so range with a weak arm. Great speed.
ekoontz41 says: Goodman was never in the plans. However, when I saw his demands dropping I couldn't pass up offering him a 2 year deal. As of now, Goodman is not a starter. However, he should get at least 400 ABs this season filling in at 2B, LF, 1B, and maybe RF.
3.       Diego Rondon (Free Agent)
Doesn’t do anything really outstanding on offense, but is solid enough to start for a team. Good eye and good base-runner. Good defense, although lacking slightly in the accuracy.

Top 3B
1.       Luther Becker (Free Agent)
Currently injured, Becker has a weak arm and lacks ideal range, but has a good glove and is accurate. Drives the ball well. Mediocre power, great eye.
2.       Trey Trammell (KC; 5yrs/$28.0M/Team Option)
Has solid power. Dominates LHP, while doing well against RHP. Decent eye. Average defender where nothing stands out. Decent speed.
3.       Art Redding (CH1; 1yr/$3.4M) **Moved to RF**
Makes great contact and drives the ball well against LHP. Lacks power. Solid eye. Lacks range and arm strength, but has good glove and accurate arm.
tk21775 says: We needed to pick up a RF this offseason and spotted Redding. While he lacks the power I typically like out of this position, he's shown he can hit for average and get on base. He lost ratings defensively from last season but since he handled 3B very well, we think he'll do just fine in right.

Top SS
1.       Carl Marte (LA; 2yrs/$4.2M/Mutual Option)
Better against LHP than RHP. Solid defender, lacking slightly with the glove. Great arm, good range. Average power, average contact. Great speed.
2.       Stretch Thompson (FLA; 2yrs/$6.4M/Mutual Option)
Doesn’t bring much to the table offensively, when he hits the ball against RHP, he tends to drive it well. Has an average eye. Great range, great arm, a little below average glove.
3.       Troy Knight (PIT; 2yrs/$5.6M/Team Option)
Will strike out a ton. Doesn’t drive the ball well. Has tremendous power for a SS. Good eye. Great defender across the board.
ajwalton says: Knight is a gold glove caliber defender that has a little pop in his bat. The Pirates are very pleased to bring him back at a bargain price.

Top LF
1.       Michael Blasingame (KC; 5yrs/$41.0M)
Dominant LF in FA, Blasingame makes a lot of contact, dominates RHP while doing well against LHP. Good power. Great eye. Solid defender.
2.       Ernest Cambridge (NO; 2yrs/$4.5M/Mutual Option)
Has good power, is better against LHP than RHP. Great eye. Won’t strike out a lot. Not a tremendous defender.
mongoose_22 says: Cambridge was brought in as a sorely needed veteran bat. The team is lacking punch and he was an affordable veteran who, when healthy, has the potential to be an impact bat.
3.       Merv Dorsey (CIN; 1yr/$2.6M)
Makes a lot of contact. Average at driving the ball. Average power. Decent eye. Not a good defender, even for a LF.
hurricane384 says: As Dorsey hung out there in FA, I felt that adding him would provide us some very good bench depth and insurance for any OF injuries.

Top CF
1.       Archie Coco (PIT; 2yrs/$12.4M) **Moved to LF**
Has good power with a good eye. Drives the ball decent and makes solid contact. Great speed. Below average defender who has to make up for that with his offense.
ajwalton says: Coco will bat 5th and play LF to open the season for the Pirates. We are very happy to add a middle of the lineup bat to go along with good speed and great defense.
2.       Nicholas Walters (STL; 4yrs/$27.2M) **Moved to 2B**
Lacks ideal range and glove. Great eye. Drives the ball well. Won’t strike out much, but doesn’t have great power.
dwboyce says: Going into this offseason, the team needed an upgrade to our offensive production at second base and we were pleased to find a very young right-handed centerfielder in Nicholas Walters out there in free agency that we’re converting back to his natural position. While he’s not an exact fit for our offense, lacking the speed and base-running skills we typically look for at that position, we like what he brings to the table. His ability to drive the ball equally well against lefties or righties, coupled with an excellent eye for the strike zone, should put him on base fairly often when he does make contact. Our spacious outdoor park frustrates double-hitters, so we don’t see his lack of power as a negative. We’re hoping he’s a guy who will hit a lot of singles to push our base runners along. Defensively, we’re very pleased he has nice range and more than enough glove to handle second base and can cover centerfield in an emergency. Turning two with him could occasionally prove problematic, but overall we’re pleased with his combination of offensive and defensive skills.
3.       Ted Strickland (Free Agent)
Great glove man who lacks a little in range. Doesn’t do anything really great, but does everything alright.

Top RF
1.       Theo Mathews (CIN; 1yr/$6.9M)
A solid player across the board. Has a great eye that combines with good contact, power, and drives the ball well. Not a defensive juggernaut.
hurricane384 says: When I saw that his asking price had not dropped, I thought I had no shot at him. To come back after the Rule 5 draft and see that he was still out there for the taking, I had to pick him up. He adds such a degree of offense to my team, that we can make up for missing on our top 2 SP targets.
2.       Zephyr Powell (COL; 3yrs/$9.0M)
Has good power. Decent eye. Makes contact. Above average at driving the ball. Solid range, but lacks ideal arm strength.
3.       Albert Stevens (KC; 4yrs/$20.8M) **Moved to CF**
Makes great contact with great power, but struggles at squaring the ball up, especially against LHP. Weak eye. Tremendous defensive RF, although lacking the ideal arm.

Top SP
1.       Stubby Easterly (MIN; 5yrs/$61.0M/Player Option)
Although he doesn’t have the ideal stamina, Stubby, has a dominant pitch to go along with 3 above average pitches and great velocity, and a good groundball rating. Won’t walk many and keeps the ball out of the hitting zone. By far the top FA SP.
Iceman67 says: In a non-surprising move, the Minnesota Twins went after a top free agent to solidify its starting rotation. Its prize, Stubby Easterly, who signed with the Twins for a 5 year $61 million deal. Already slated to be the starter on Opening Day, management is hoping he will pan out a lot better than its previous big free agent signing, Elvis Janssen. Easterly brings solid splits against lefties and righties, and with an exceptional #1 pitch, the Twins have high expectations for him.
2.       Junior Carrasco (CIN; 1yr/$5.7M)
Doesn’t have great stamina, and struggles at times at keeping the ball out of the hitting zone. Has 2 great pitches, and 2 good ones. Good velocity, great control, and a better than average ability to induce GBs.
hurricane384 says: Although he wasn’t the top prize, he was one I had my eye on going into Free Agency. Any time you can sign a good pitcher like this, for this price, you have to be happy.
3.       Larry Leach (BOS; 5 yrs/$36.5M/Mutual Option)
Good stamina. Good control. Dominates RHB, while holding his own against LHB. Tremendous GB pitcher. Average velocity. A great pitch, a good pitch, and 2 average pitches round out his repertoire.

Top RP
1.       Steve Hines (MON; 2yrs/$13.6M)
Although he doesn’t have the greatest STA/DUR combo, he makes up for it by dominating RHB, not walking many, and getting a lot of GBs. Good pitches as well.
ekoontz41 says: Resigning Hines was a huge priority this offseason. I was shocked at the price and amount of years I got him at. I'm guessing the fact that he was a type-A scared some owners away.
2.       Carmen Key (LA; 2yrs/$5.6M)
Will walk more than you’d like from your RP. 2 great pitches and 3 average pitches. Great at getting GBs. Very good at keeping the ball out of the hitting zone.
3.       Terrance Franklin (CIN; 2yrs/$5.6M)
Great control. Struggles at times with keeping the ball out of the hitting zone. Great velocity and keeps the ball down. 2 great pitches and an average one.
hurricane384 says: I wasn’t going to bring him back as I looked for a bullpen upgrade, but as he sat out there without offers, I figured he wasn’t a bad consolation prize.

Los Angeles Dodgers
rawkdk27 on S9 Free Agency and Marte and Key being top 3 at their positions:
Those two are probably behind SPs Gray, Kent and LF Bennett as my teams FA signings. In a season of rebuilding/retooling here in LA, we were looking for players to fill holes on this team. We were targeting players at an affordable price that could help us through the next few years as we restock the farm system. We are excited by some of the value we feel we got at some very good prices.

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