Tuesday, May 21, 2013

S10 Draft Review

1. RF Daryle Morton (TEX)
Tremendous range for a RF, Morton has a good arm, great speed. He’s got some power, makes a lot of contact, and does a great job of driving the ball, especially against LHP. He’ll get on base a lot and steal a ton of bases with his base running ability. 
jcairns says: The Texas Rangers are very pleased with the signing of Daryle Morton. We feel he will develop into a very nice leadoff hitter for us. His glove remains something to be desired.
2. LHP Alex Collins (MIN) – unsigned
3. RHP Bryan Cook (CH1)
Best skill is his ability to keep the ball out of the hitting zone. He has tremendous control. His stamina leaves a little to be desired, as does his durability, especially out of such a high pick. He doesn’t throw overly hard nor does he induce a lot of grounders. His changeup is his best pitch, but his slider, splitter and fastball are solid as well.
tk21775 says: Very happy to get Bryan Cook with the 3rd overall pick and have him signed and in LoA already. He'll be a #1 SP for us in a few seasons with great control and splits, along with two very good pitches to go along with two average pitches. We're expecting big things out of him.
4. C Joe Adams (STL)
Adams will likely only give you around 100 games in a season, but to be honest, with his offensive abilities that’s worth it. He hits for great power, makes great contact, has a great eye, and will destroy LHP. Not as good against RHP. He has a great arm and really excels at calling a game. Will be a solid platoon guy and pinch-hitter during the season and a real terror in the playoffs.
5. 2B Tarrik Dalesandro (WAS) – unsigned
6. SS Austin Lieber (TB)
Lacks a good enough glove to play SS on a full-time basis, but should be able to handle 3B or even 2B. Durable. He’s prone to strikeouts, but has good power. Struggles against LHP but drives the ball well against RHP. Solid eye. Great base runner with decent speed. Tells you the kind of draft we had that he would go #6 overall.
mexd781 says: Tampa Bay was happy to see Austin Leiber fall to them at #6. Austin was the top player on the Rays board due to his huge upside at a position of need. Austin played SS in High School, but we are moving him to 3B or CF to prepare him for the majors. We don't feel he will develop a good enough glove to be a ML SS, but can be a great player at 3B or even CF if he is needed there. . We love Austin's power and his ability to hit right handed pitching combined with above average speed. The thing that really stuck out about Austin was his makeup. We feel he really has the opportunity to meet the projections we see for him.
7. SS Micah Romero (NY2)
Romero doesn’t have the chops to cut it defensively, but offensively sliding him to 3B would definitely not be a disaster. He’s got some power, makes solid contact and has a decent eye. He’s got decent speed.
8. SS Dennis Finley (PHI)
The first true SS taken, Finley has the defensive ability to be a GG winner. He’s a contact hitter with solid power. He’ll struggle against RHP, but do well against LHP. Doesn’t have a great handle on the strike zone. Decent speed.
mitt0108 says: Philly was very happy to have Dennis Finley fall to number 8. In a very weak draft, we had Finley ranked number 2 overall. It is always hard to find great fielding shortstops who can hit at all and Finley projects to have great contact and power numbers. If he develops like we hope, he should be a gold glove quality SS who can hit 20+ homeruns.
9. RHP Alex Alomar (LAA)
He throws hard with great downward motion. He’s not going to walk a lot of guys, but does struggle some with keeping the ball out of the hitting zone. He’s got a great combination of pitches which will help to make up for his lack of splits.
mskakunan says: Alex Alomar was the number 1 pitcher on my draft board, so the Angels are really happy that he fell to the ninth spot so we could grab him. He projects Greg Maddux like control with outstanding velocity and a potentially devastating sinker. Plus he already has the stamina necessary to be a major league SP. We project him to be ready in 3 years and to be at least a number 3 if not better
10. CF Wesley Anderson (FLA)
Great defensive CF. Tremendous speed. He’s the dream CF, to be honest with you. He’s got power, will make contact, can drive the ball, work the count, run the bases. He even has a solid arm.
11. LHP Vladimir Hernandez (TOR)
A guy with #2 potential, he will walk some people. He has great pitches which mitigates his lack of velocity and downward movement. He keeps the ball out of the hitting zone for the most part.
joekendall says: We were happy to add Vladimir Hernandez to the Toronto family. We could use more top shelf SP help and thought Hernandez would be a great addition. We hope to see him in the majors in three seasons.
12. RHP Benny Morlan (NO)
Dominant against RHB, but struggle to get lefties out. Won’t beat himself with walks. Has 2 great pitches to combine with great velocity and a real ability to  entice GBs. His durability and stamina means he can really rack up the innings.
mongoose_22 says: For the second consecutive season, the Jazz selected a reliever with our first round pick. While I don't normally like to draft relievers high in the first round, in both last season's draft and this season's, they we're the best players still available given weak draft classes. This season, it was Benny Morlan, out of Lynchburg, Tennessee selected with the #12 pick. Morlan is a hard throwing right-hander, who throws a heavy, sinking fastball and also is developing a solid change. In his short college career, he developed a reputation for being especially tough on right handed batters. He should, along with last season's pick Lance Misch, anchor the pen in the Big Easy for a long time.
13. RHP Chris Parker (COL)
Throws hard and keeps the ball down in the zone. Getting a guy like this so late in the draft is a real steal. Won’t walk many. Has a great stable of pitches. Will occasionally leave a fat pitch for LHB, but will avoid that against RHB.
14. 2B Darby Kaufman (CLE)
15. LHP Jim Mullen (LA)
Won’t walk a lot of guys. Doesn’t throw hard. Fly ball pitcher. Lacks ideal pitch combination. Does a solid job of keeping the ball out of the hitting zone. Should be a #3/#4 type pitcher…definitely fits into a 4 man rotation. 
16. LHP Hooks Meacham (CH2)
A developmental pitcher, Meacham will not walk guys, strike out a bunch of guys, dominate LHB and struggle against RHB. Another concern is only having 3 pitches, and only having one good or better pitch.
byers61 says: With the 16th pick, the White Sox drafted Hooks Meacham . True to his name, he boasts a knucklecurve, a slurve, and a slider. Weirdly enough, he will throw them with 95 velocity. His drawbacks are a low health rating and a crappy 3rd pitch rating for a starter
17. LHP Geoffery Ellis (ATL)
Ellis will struggle against RHB, but be pretty good against LHB. He has the best combination of pitches I have ever seen. He won’t walk many guys, but won’t strike out many either. He will get a lot of grounders.
kilgore says: The Braves were pleased that LHP Geoffery Ellis was still available when their turn came up at the 17th pick. They believe he has the potential to build stamina and possibly be an effective starter, with four quality ML pitches. He'll be evaluated along the way throughout his minor league journey to determine whether he's better suited for starting or relief work.
18. RHP Alex Fontana (ARI)
A RP, Fontana keeps the ball out of the hitting zone. He’s got great control and combines that with great velocity. His pitches are top-notch and he sinks the ball well.
19. P Guy Furbush (SEA) UNSIGNED
20. CF Michael Fujiwara (BOS) UNSIGNED
21. C Brent Starr (BAL)
Perfect player for the AL as he doesn’t have a great arm nor does he call a good game behind the dish. Dominant offensive player who won’t strike out much, while hitting a lot of home runs. Crushes LHP…good against RHP. Can work a walk. Lacks great durability to reach full potential. Best offensive player in the draft.
hopkinsheel says: The Orioles are really pleased with our first round pick. We think he was one of the premier hitters available and were ecstatic he fell to #21. Not sure if he'll develop enough defensively to catch although that would be a huge bonus. Worst case he'll be a great middle of the lineup DH.
22. RHP Alex Woo (MIL)
A solid SP, Woo won’t walk many. Better against RHP than LHP. Throws hard. Fly ball pitcher. Solid pitches, but won’t dominate with his repertoire.
s_gammon says: The Brewers selected Alex Woo a 22 year old Senior out of The University of North Florida. Woo projects as a solid mid-rotation starter with a very good stamina/durability mix. His high control and velocity combined with promising left/right splits bode well for the future. His fly ball rate might be a little high, and his lack of a dominant pitch concerns me. But with two solid pitches, an average third pitch and a passable "show me" fourth pitch, he should have no problem logging quality innings after about 2-3 seasons of minor league seasoning.
23. 1B Les Wilkerson (CIN) 
Should hit for a decent average. Not sure he'll hit for enough power to be an everyday 1B.
hurricane384 says: This is a decent pick considering how bad the draft was. He’s not going to be an everyday 1B, but he should be a solid off the bench bat.
24. P Andy Biddle (TOR)
25. LHP Hipolito Gonzalez (CIN)
Nice relief prospect, should be a decent setup B....his VR looks to proclude him from being much more.
hurricane384 says: Another “meh” pick, nothing too exciting. Overall a terrible draft for the Reds.
26. RF Will Foster (LA)
Tremendous range for a COF. Solid arm. Decent speed. Really struggles against LHP. Has solid power and makes solid contact against RHP. Decent eye. Tremendous base runner.
27. RHP Bengie Melian (SF)
Won’t walk many guys. Dominates RHB. Throws hard and keeps the ball down in the zone. Solid pitches will help make this guy’s career.
28. LHP Bucky Dempster (BOS)
Keeps the ball out of the hitting zone. Great pitch combination. Tremendous control. Doesn’t throw hard. Doesn’t have good stamina.
crabman26 says: Bucky should develop into a lock down set up pitcher and on most teams a perennial Fireman winner but Boston does not use a closer so that won’t be happening here. His splits are very good and he has a dominant pitch. The only downside is that he will be a fly ball pitcher in a small park.
29. LHP Ajax Crespo (KC) UNSIGNED
30. P Floyd Landrum (NY1) UNSIGNED
mcgupp says: Floyd Landrum was selected at the end of the first round by the NY Yankees. A Power pitcher, the Yankees fell in love with the combination of velocity, ability to get ground bales, and his #1&2 pitches. His control is a concern that hopefully is minimized. A bigger concern is his agents dragging their feet in making a decision to sign.
31. C Adam Moore (OAK)
Dominates LHP. Great eye. Struggles against RHP. Makes good contact. Solid power. Decent arm and decent game caller.
32. SS Sterling Wieters (SF)
Great defensive player. Slow. Average at making contact. Lacking power. Knows the strike zone. Drives the ball better against LHP than he does against RHP. 
33. LHP Arthur Sele (DET)
Decent velocity. Decent at inducing GBs. Lacks great pitches. Decent at keeping the ball out of the hitting zone. Solid stamina, lacks durability.
dakar says: LH RP Arthur Sele looks like he is going to be yet another in a string of 1st round picks that will max out as AAAA players.
34. CF Arodys Torres (CH2)
Not the ideal defensive ratings for CF. Lacks glove ability. Decent speed. Average contact. Average driving the ball. Great power. Solid eye.
35. SS Ray Casanova (LA)
Not a shortstop. Lacks range or glove. Solid speed. Good power/contact combination. Struggles to drive the ball consistently. Lacks great eye. Tremendous base runner.

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