Thursday, December 5, 2013

S12 Draft Review

1. Seattle – RHP J.J. Woodward
Woodward projects to be a true top of the league pitcher. Should win multiple Cy Youngs. His weakness is that he doesn’t completely dominate LHB…and his 5th pitch is terrible. Can’t really complain about a guy who won’t walk many, will strike out a lot of guys, and keeps the ball on the ground.
2. Tampa Bay – CF Paco Lee
If Paco can get to a ball, he can catch it. He’s fast, has a ton of power, and dominates LHP. He’s ok against RHP and will strike out more than one would like. He’s got a great eye though and should be on base a lot. Too bad he has to be reminded the order the bases go.
3. Los Angeles – C Tyler Ford
If you can snag a tremendous offensive C, you have to do it. He’s not going to strike out much; he will hit for a ton of power and get on base a lot. He dominates LHP while being average against RHP. He has a tremendously strong and accurate arm. He does struggle calling games.
4. Minnesota – C GregWebster
This could be a classic overdraft here. Webster projects to be able to drive the ball well and get on base. Doesn’t have a great arm and can’t call a game. He lacks durability to be a full-time catcher. He has decent power and will strike out a lot.
5. Minnesota – 3B Rene Lankford
Doesn’t have tremendous range, but has a solid glove. He’s going to strike out a lot, but hits for a ton of power. He can drive the ball well. He has a decent eye.
6. New York (AL) – SS Daniel Stearns 
Stearns is a below average defensive SS, but should make up for that with his offense. He makes solid contact, drives the ball well, and can work the count to reach base. Has decent power. When he gets on base he’s fast and knows how to use that speed.
7. Chicago (AL) – LF Sean Miles – UNSIGNED
8. Atlanta – RHP Pedro Aguilar
Has great control. Throws hard. Can work deep into games. Does better against LHB than RHB. Gets some groundballs. Top 2 pitches are tremendous, but the next 2 aren’t.
kilgore says: The Braves have been pleased with the performance of the 8th overall pick in the draft, right-handed starter Pedro Aguilar. After a solid showing at the AA level, Aguilar has shown seems to be ready for AAA as well after being promoted recently. Aguilar is projected to continue development of his excellent 4 seam fastball combined with a very good curveball, with a slider and cut fastball that are both expected to eventually be slightly above ML average. The Braves believe that as Pedro improves his ability to consistently repeat his delivery, his control will become his greatest strength. Look for Aguilar to be a June callup to the big league club and bring much needed quality to the rotation if he continues to improve as projected.
9. Milwaukee – RF Humberto Calixte
Will hit for a ton of power. Can dominate LHP and do well against RHP. Good eye. Good speed, decent baserunner. Will strike out a ton. Might turn into one of the better defensive RF in the game.
10. Washington – 2B Vin Chavez
Makes a ton of contact with a lot of power. Drives the ball well. Decent eye. Lacks speed. As a defender he probably makes more sense in a COF slot.
heinzkill says: Vin Chavez wasn't our first choice, but was the best of what was left on our draft board. By no means a 5-tool player, as he lacks speed and a good arm. Probably will end up as a 1B/LF. All of that being said, if he gets close to his projections, he will hit for power and a decent average. He will strike out a little, but that should be overshadowed by his overall numbers.
11. Toronto – RHP Doug Rodgers
He doesn’t throw hard and lacks elite control, but he definitely keeps the ball out of the hitting zone. He has good pitches too.
mburgy says: At 11, hr jays took Doug Rodgers who was 2nd kn their draft board.
12. Chicago (NL) – SS Tony Balentin
Can definitely play the position defensively. Average speed. He’s above average across the board offensively which will make him a very valuable member of the Cubs’ organization.
13. Anaheim – RHP Todd Mullens
Tremendous control. Lacks ideal ability to keep the ball out of the hitting zone. Doesn’t throw hard. Average at getting groundballs. Great pitch combination though. Durability and stamina may not allow him to be a starter.
mskakunan says: 18 year old Todd Mullens projects a terrific fastball and a boatload of other effective major league pitches. I am not wildly enthused about choosing an RP with the 13th overall pick, but Mullens projects closer stuff and has the make-up to achieve his projections. He is currently dominating opposing hitters in Rookie Ball.
14. Texas – RHP Stretch Lucas
Tremendous stamina and durability will allow for him to pitch a lot of innings. Dominates RHB. Average velocity and does above average job of inducing groundballs. 2 very good pitches and average pitch may limit him as a starter.
15. Cleveland – RHP B.J. Gates
Tremendous control. Great combination of pitches. Can throw a lot of innings with his dur/sta combination. Average at keeping the ball out of the hitting zone. Doesn’t throw hard and is average at inducing GBs. Should be a solid BOR arm.
16. Pittsburgh – LHP Raymond Reynolds
Keeps the ball out of the hitting zone. Solid control. Great stamina/durability combination. Doesn’t throw hard. Does not get a lot of GBs. Very good pitch combination. Should be a solid starter.
17. New York (AL) – RHP Luther Stone
He isn’t going to walk himself into trouble. The question is whether he’s able to do a good enough job of keeping the ball out of the hitting zone. Stamina and durability are perfect for a 4-man rotation. Could be limited by only having 3 pitches, only 1 of which is excellent.
mcgupp says: The Yankees used their first pick in the raft on Luther Stone . Stone was the best Starting Pitcher left on the Yanks board. Pinpoint control is his strength, hopefully he develops.
18. Boston – RHP Rock Nickle
Struggles against LHB. Much better against RHB. Will give up flyballs. Won’t strike out many. Above average control. Can go deep into games and do it often. 2 high quality pitches should help to off-set the weakness of the remaining 3.
crabman26 says: Pick #18 - Rock Nickle - With the 18th pick the Red Sox grabbed the #7 player on their board. With a projected vR of 80+ to go along with decent control and 2 good pitches the Sox are hoping Rock can become a solid #3 or #4 type pitcher in their rotation. He is a flyball pitcher who does not strike alot of guys out which will end up holding him back from becoming a top of the rotation starter, but for a pick in the middle of the draft to land a middle of the rotation starter is not too shabby.
19. St. Louis – 2B Gary Moreno
Tremendous range and glove allow him to be a gold glover at 2b/CF. Great speed. Can bunt and run the bases. Doesn’t strike out much, but lacks the ability to truly drive the ball. Knows the strike zone. Lacks any significant power.
20. Baltimore – SS Ben Hernandez
Solid defensive SS. Won’t strike out much. Has some power. Above average against LHP, will struggle against RHP. Should walk enough to be valuable when combined with his defense.
hopkinsheel says: Hernandez will be a killer pick if he can develop into a legit ML SS. If not, it will be interesting to see where he fits.
21. San Francisco – 2B Wayne Romero
Another guy who should be a gold glove 2B/CF. His offense is solid enough that he should see that playing time. He has average power, is average at making contact and driving the ball. He’s fast, can run the bases and bunt and reach base by walking.
22. Pittsburgh – 2B Robb Langerhans
Langerhans is fast and has tremendous range. Lacks ideal glove for CF. Struggles against RHP. Some power. Makes decent contact. Average eye.
23. Toronto – LHP Joe McKnight
Lacks ideal control. Throws hard. Has an average pitch combination. Doesn’t dominate any batters. Good stamina. Decent durability. Back of the rotation pitcher.
mburgy says: Next, the Jays took Joe McKnight. Both are expected to be in the starting rotation at the Big league level in 3 to 4 seasons.
24. Florida – RHP Fernando Ayala
Great control. Lacks ideal stamina/durability for bullpen or rotation. Throws hard, gets a lot of grounders, and has the pitches to dominate. Could be very valuable if used and developed properly.
mamidu says: doesn't have the stamina to be a SP, but will be a quality SuA and can fill in with a start here or there in a pinch. Projected to have very good control and above average splits with 2 great pitches. Combined with his velocity and keeping the ball down, he should be a pretty good player. A decent pick at #24
25. San Francisco – RHP Andrew Diaz
Diaz is a BOR arm. Doesn’t throw hard and will let pitches get into the hitting zone. Has solid control. Good stamina. Pitches leave something to be desired. Can get some grounders.
26. Philadelphia – P Aaron Titan – UNSIGNED 
27. Milwaukee – RF Carl Inge
Good range and a strong arm. Great speed. Drives the ball well and can work the count. Will strike out some. Has 20 home run power.
28. Oakland – SS Bruce Gorzelanny
Doesn’t have the range or glove to be a ML SS, but can be a GG 3B. Solid speed. Will rarely strike out. Has some pop. Drives the ball well against RHP and does ok against LHP. Doesn’t have the patience to work the count.
29. Arizona – RHP Walter Swisher
Throws very hard. Has 2 great pitches. Doesn’t keep the ball on the ground. Doesn’t keep the ball out of the hitting zone on a consistent basis. Won’t walk many.
30. San Diego – SS Eli Mendoza
Mendoza will not be a ML SS, but could be a solid 3B/2B. Has good speed. An above average offensive player. Best attribute is his eye.
opie5 says: The Padres acquired some depth with the 30th pick this year in Eli Mendoza. The decent hit, decent field Mendoza projects a ML reserve for a contender. The pickings in this seasons draft were slim and the Padres were just happy to get a prospect that projects to be a ML player.
31. New Orleans – 2B Gregory Donnels
Doesn’t have the glove to be a good IF, he’s durable and solid enough offensively to warrant a spot on a big league roster.
mongoose_22 says: The Jazz selected Gregory Donnels at the end of the 1st round. Greg is expected to develop into a solid, though not spectacular second baseman. He should be a solid defender and a mildly productive hitter.
32. Kansas City – LHP Tony Jung
Great control. Does a solid job of keeping the ball out of the hitting zone. Doesn’t throw hard. Solid pitches.
bighead34 says: Thrilled to be able to get Tony Jung at the end of the 1st round...projects to be an elite SuA with the ability to pitch nearly everyday.
33. Houston – RHP Emmanuel Fernandez
Throws hard, has some solid pitches. Doesn’t have great stamina. Solid control. Keeps ball out of hitting zone some. Decent grounders.
34. Montreal – SS Tony Drew - UNSIGNED

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