Thursday, December 4, 2014

S16 Draft Review - by hurricane384

  1. LHP Dann Sierra (STL)
    A solid SP, he projects as a top of the rotation starter. He projects to great control and a great pitch combination. Doesn't throw hard and is merely average at keeping the ball down. Doesn't excel at keeping the ball out of the hitting zone.
  2. RHP Stubby Perez (LA)
    Doesn't have great control, but does well keeping the ball out of the hitting zone. Throws with some velocity, but does allow more than his fair share of flyballs. Pitch combination, while not lethal, is solid.
  3. 2B R.J. Leake (NY2)
    Leake projects as a top-notch defense CF/2B. Good speed. Doesn't strike out. Really good power. Below average at consistently driving the ball. Below average eye. Provides tremendous value on defense with his power.
  4. SS Rio Acosta (MIN)
    Lacks the range to be a ML SS, but the glove and arm should be good enough to be a GG IF. Some power, drives the ball extremely well. Good eye. Good speed. Strikes out more than you'd like.
  5. CF George Gibbs (ATL)
    Great range and glove. Very fast. Little power. Good eye. Drives ball well. Decent contact ability.
  6. RHP Kiki Hoffpauir (CLE)
    Good control. Keeps ball out of hitting zone against RHB. Hard thrower. Keeps ball down in zone. Good pitches.
  7. SS Tito Huang (OAK)
    Slightly below average across the board defensively, but that shouldn't matter as his offensive numbers are off the charts...period. Great power, contact, and splits. Average eye, shouldn't affect his ability to be a perennial all-star.
  8. SS Gill Tamura (ARI)
    Tremendous range. Great arm. Average to above average across the board offensively. 
  9. LF Clarence Nix (FLA)
    Great range. Average at avoiding strikeouts but has very good power and drives the ball very well. Good eye. 
  10. RHP Sid Gibson (TOR)
    Good control. Solid at keeping the ball out of the hitting zone. Decent top 2 pitches. Lacks complete repertoire. Keeps ball down in zone.
    mburgy says: For the 5th consecutive season, the Blue Jays went pitching heavy. Sid Gibson selected at #10 projects to be a back of the rotation innings eater. Good stamina and control should keep his pitch counts down. Lower splits with good pitch selection
  11. RHP Bunny Russell (WAS)
    Tremendous control. Average at keeping the ball out of hitting zone. Throws fairly hard. Lacks that putaway pitch.
    chase39 says: with the 11th pick we drafted Bunny Russell . We had him ranked number 2 on our board, so we are pleased to get him at 11. He should develop into a solid number 1 or 2 starter for us.
  12. RF Endy DeJean (MIL)
    Great eye. Solid defensively. Won't strike out too much. Solid power. Drives ball well. Very fast. Average baserunner.
  13. SS Shelley Lamb (COL)
    Doesn't have the arm strength to be a great SS. Solid power, won't strike out too much. Doesn't square the ball consistently. Lacks great knowledge of strike zone.
  14. 1B Haywood Dykstra (CIN)
    Squares the ball very consistently. Good eye. Solid power. Average at avoiding K's. 
  15. SS Robinson Alvarez (TEX)
    Listed as a SS, but has a better chance of sticking at 2B or LF. Will be a great leadoff hitter with power. Squares the ball very well.
  16. RHP Bruce Tomlinson (CH2) **UNSIGNED**
    Currently unsigned, Tomlinson could be a great pick at 16. Projects to very good pitches, throws hard and keeps the ball down in the zone. Keeps the ball out of the hitting zone. Solid pitches too.
  17. 2B Carmen Becker (LAA)
    Great power. Average contact. Solid defensively for 2B. Could play 3B. Drives the ball well. Decent eye.
  18. RHP Alfredo Butler (CH1)
    Could be a solid RP. Decent control. Does a good job of keeping the ball out of the hitting zone. Good pitches. Doesn't throw hard and doesn't get GBs.
  19. RHP Kiko Wilkinson (BOS)
    Should be a nearly dominant RP. Good control. Keeps the ball out of the hitting zone and keeps the ball down in the zone. Throws hard and has 2 dominant pitches.
  20. 2B Mitch Marshall (PIT)
    Should definitely be a good CF. Average to above average offensively with solid speed.
  21. 2B Enny Martinez (NY1)
    Lacks great range. Good speed. Drives the ball well and can really work the count. Doesn't have much power and will strike out some.
  22. C Chris Hudson (TB)
    Tremendous defensive catcher. Above average power and contact. Drives the ball well and can really work the count. This is a tremendous value pick at 22.
  23. CF Jamie Fox (SEA)
    Good defensive CF. No power. Solid contact. Drives the ball well against RHP. Great eye. Great speed and good baserunning ability.
  24. CF J.C. Lindsey (COL) **UNSIGNED**
    Great defensive CF with tremendous speed. Average eye. Lacks good power. Good contact. Does square the ball consistently.
  25. LHP Chipper Rolison (KC)
    Great control. Great pitches. Keeps ball down in zone and avoids hitting zone decently. Doesn't throw hard.
  26. C Tom Rushford (ARI)
    Doesn't have the most accurate arm but can call a game and a strong a arm. Drives the ball well. Above average power and contact. Decent eye.
  27. SS Tom Carr (TB)
    Great defender. Should win some GG. Not good offensively as he will struggle to reach base. No strike zone discipline. Struggles making contact, but can square it up when he does. No real power.
  28. 2B Felix Sung (DET)
    Great range. Below average the rest of the way defensively. Great eye. Strikes out a lot. Decent power and decent at driving the ball.
  29. CF Lucas Slaughter (NO)
    Great range. Very strong arm. Makes good contact with solid power. Drives the ball well and has a good eye. Might not stick as a CF.
    mongoose_22 says: We expect Lucas Slaughter to develop into a serviceable 4th outfielder. He should be solid enough defensively to play in CF, with good speed and a bat that is barely adequate. He has already blown out his hammy though, so we now expect even less out of him.
  30. 2B Eduardo Barrios (SD)
    Great range solid glove. Good speed. Drives the ball decently. Doesn't strike out much. Won't hit for power. Great eye.
    opie5 says: San Diego management is very pleased to acquire OF Eduardo Barrios with the 30th pick in the draft. This is one of the few years in which San Diego feels they have acquired a ML bat in the draft. Barrios’s glove will relegate him to a corner position but his bat will get him in the lineup. Power is not Eduardo’s game but getting on base certainly is. Barrios projects as a high OBP player that should bat in the 2 hole – he can handle the stick.
  31. 3B Felix Hughes (SF)
    An oddity here...doesn't have the range to play most IF positions but his glove and arm would be wasted in the OF or at 1B. He drives the ball well against LHP while struggling against RHP. Not a good eye. Won't strike out too much though. Average power. 
  32. C Mitchell Stieb (BAL)
    Tremendous power. Dominant against LHP. Good eye. Struggles against RHP. Should be able to play a decent C.
    hopkinsheel says: In a pretty weak draft, we feel we got a steal with Stieb. He projects to be a big masher with a solid OPS between his power, splits, and eye. Always nice to grab a guy like that at the end of the first round.
  33. SS Junior Castillo (CH1)
    Not an ideal SS glove, but great range and a great arm. No power and struggles against LHP. Very good against RHP. Average contact ability and eye.
  34. SS Vladimir Donatello (ARI)
    Terrible glove, weak arm. Solid power, good contact. Average at squaring the ball. Good eye.

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