Friday, August 5, 2011

Top Prospects - Cleveland through Milwaukee

Cleveland Indians
Five Star: None
Four Star: SP Julian Porter
Three Star: C Randy Washington, 2B Ebenezer Wells, RP Clay Choo
Two Star: 1B Mendy Frank, CF Babe Coggin, SP Don Aoki
One Star: 2B Andres Sivilla, SS Alex Sizemore, CF Rich Martin, SP Eugene Christensen
Top STUD: Julian Porter - Porter is a workhorse SP with high control and the very rare sight of five top tier pitches.  With his skills vs. righties he has a very bright ML future.
Farm Grade: B+, While there isn't a lot of top tier depth in the Tribes farm system, it is full of quality B level players who will be solid starters at the ML level. 

Colorado Rockies

Five Star: 1B Kordell Stanley
Four Star: CF Raymond Harris, RF Yovani Rijo
Three Star:  LF Dutch Badenhop, SP Bernard Hollins
Two Star: SS Jesus Bonilla, SP Heath Tewksberry
One Star: DH/C Felipe Mesa, RF Rock Perry, RP Jason Reese, RP Al Mendoza
Top STUD: Kordell Stanley - He has a murderous bat, and when you consider the possibility of him plying his trade in Colorado, visions of MVP numbers start dancing through your head.
Farm Grade: A-, There is a lot to like about this farm system, it is loaded with quality hitters.  The pitching depth is only ok, but there is enough there to help the ML club when the time comes.

Detroit Tigers

Five Star: RP Willie Aldridge
Four Star: CF Kane Duncan, SP Andy Benjamin
Three Star: SP Pat Palmer, SP Fred Parker
Two Star: 2B Hal Sample
One Star: C Vic Shea, LF Monte Randall
Top STUD: Willie Aldridge - Aldridge has what it takes to be a shutdown closer who can pitch 2 innings per appearance.  That kind of arm in the bullpen is quite valuable, and makes him the Tigers top STUD.
Farm Grade: B-, The Tigers have several top flight prospects, but the depth after them is pretty thin.

Florida Marlins

Five Star: SP Seth Wall
Four Star: None
Three Star:  SP Bobby Phillips
Two Star: SS Carl Marte, SS Pedro Flores, SP Brendan Myatt
One Star: 1B Ozzie Caseres
Top STUD: Seth Wall - Wall is easily the best prospect in the Marlins system, it isn't close.  Future #1 SP ace with dominating stuff, and massive K/IP ratio potential.
Farm Grade: C+, Wall is awesome, and the Marlins have 3-5 other future ML starters, but after them the dropoff in talent is precipitous. 

Houston Astros

Five Star: None
Four Star: SP Rob Tipton
Three Star: SP Ignacio Polanco
Two Star: SS Robinzon Bourginal, SP Davey Sosa
One Star: SS Douglas House, CF Santiago Johnson, 1B Vladimir Gutierrez
Top STUD: Rob Tipton - Tipton projects to be a #1/#2 starter with great control and splits and throws with heat.  Most teams would be happy to have him in their minor leagues.
Farm Grade: C-, Tipton and Polanco show big promise, but the rest of the Astros farm system will need some breaks to make it as ML starters.

Kansas City Royals

Five Star: None
Four Star: CF Marino Taverez
Three Star: SS Doug Joyce
Two Star: SS Nipsey Baez
One Star: 3B Santiago Gabriel
Top STUD: Marino Taverez  - Tavarez is a five tool player, and will be a sure starter in the majors.
Farm Grade: D-, After Taverez and a pair of elite defensive shortstops in Joyce and Baez, there really just isn't much in the Royals minors to speak of at all.

Los Angeles Dodgers

Five Star: None
Four Star: C Donnie McInerney, LF Humberto Posada, SP Charlie Cecil
Three Star: None
Two Star: 2B Bartolo Moreno
One Star: RP Ismail Cruz
Top STUD: Humberto Posada - Posada is a crusher at the plate, and if he fully develops his power along with the rest of his bat, he could produce 40+ HR's on a regular basis even in the pitchers haven of Chavez Ravine.
Farm Grade: B+, There is a lot to like about the Dodgers farm system, with three top tier prospects, including an elite catcher, which are very hard to come by these days.

Milwaukee Brewers

Five Star: None
Four Star: SP Adam Bowen
Three Star: 2B Albert Cruz, SP Ellie Breslow
Two Star: CF Crash Slocumb
One Star: SS Harry Costilla, RP Donatello Farrell
Top STUD: Adam Bowen - It's a shame Bowen doesn't have more stamina, if he could manage more then 5 IP per outing he would easily be a 5 star prospect.
Farm Grade: B-, There is some good pitching depth and a couple of nice role player position prospects, but outside of Bowen there isn't a show stopper in the rest of the Brew Crews minor leagues.

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