Friday, August 5, 2011

Top Prospects - Minnesota through Pittsburgh

Minnesota Twins
Five Star: None
Four Star: None
Three Star: 3B Al Javier
Two Star: CF Darwin Corcoran, RP Carl Richard
One Star: 2B Sting Karl, SS Glenn Sweeney, CF Pedro Alcantara
Top STUD: Al Javier is the class of the Twins minors, a solid 3B prospect with above average power, a decent bat elsewhere and solid but not specatcular defensive skills.
Farm Grade: D-, Outside of Javier there aren't a whole lot of players in the Twins minor leagues who will make an impact at the ML level.

Montreal Expos

Five Star: SS Damaso Romero, SP Phillip Priddy
Four Star: SS Edinson Cruz, SS Ronnie Robinson
Three Star: CF Brett Roosevelt
Two Star: SP Brandon Stargell,
One Star: 1B Jeremy Pettyjohn, SP Jarrod Nichols, SP Ruben Nieves, SP Garrett Glynn
Top STUD: Damaso Romero - It wasn't easy to choose between Romero and Priddy, but Romero features such a rare combo of bat, glove, and speed at the SS position that he gets the edge. 
Farm Grade: A+, Minor league depth doesn't get any better then this.  The Expos farm system is so loaded with impact prospects it isn't funny.

New Orleans Jazz

Five Star:
Four Star: SP Gabe Fisher
Three Star: 2B Danny Lee, SP Nolan McGowan
Two Star: LF Davey Martin, SP Jose Guzman, SP James Cooper
One Star: DH Luis Ortiz
Top STUD: Gabe Fisher - Fisher is a control pitcher who relies more on pitch placement instead of power.  he has pinpoint control and above average splits, and good enough pitches to be a reliable #2 starter, possibly a #1 depending on the team.
Farm Grade: C-,There are some decent players here, but high quality depth is lacking in the Jazz minor leagues.

New York Mets

Five Star:
Four Star:
Three Star:
Two Star: C Del Duran, SP Glenn Peterson
One Star: 1B Fernando Gomez, 2B Ken Bynum, CF Lynn Price, SP Rafael Acevedo, SP Hersh Shumaker
Top STUD: Del Duran - Duran is a slugging catcher with a great arm.  His pitch calling is only average, but he will be useful in the majors.
Farm Grade: F, There isn't much to write home about here, the Mets best prospects are already playing on the big league team.  

New York Yankees

Five Star: SP Dickey Jensen
Four Star: LF Allan Withers
Three Star: C Jermaine Gorecki, 2B Ismael Coronado, SP Raul Megias, RP Ralph Serrano
Two Star: 2B Jerry Hayes
One Star: 3B Vicente Castro, CF Kelvin Patel, RF Juan Prieto
Top STUD: Dickey Jensen - Jensen will be a beast SP when he hits the majors, he could be a complete game machine capable of reaching 280+ IP in a season.
Farm Grade: B+, Jensen is a can't miss, and there are quite a few other useful players in the Yanks farm system.  Honorable mention goes to Yankees SP prospect Bob Evans, who is currently residing down on the farm.

Oakland Athletics

Five Star:
Four Star:
Three Star: SS Benj Fox, RF Kenny Francis
Two Star:RF J.C. Westbrook, RP David Knowles, RP Willie Pulido
One Star: CF Henry Jacquez, SP Doug Jackson, SP Ronald Cooney, C Juan Rosa
Top STUD: Benj Fox - Francis may have the more lethal bat, but Fox shows the potential to play all fielding positions well.  He has a great bat, great eye, solidly balanced glove, and can even bunt well.
Farm Grade: C+, The A's farm system is solid but not spectacular.  There are quite a few good prospects but not a lot of top tier depth.

Philadelphia Phillies

Five Star:
Four Star: 3B Dan George
Three Star: 2B Willie Donnelly
Two Star: 1B Alejandro Herrera, CF Juan Julio, SP Scooter Woolf, RP Pascual Maduro
One Star: LF Jack Goodwin, SP Andres Rosado
Top STUD: Dan George - George shows elite splits and batting eye, and should be an on base machine in the bigs.  His glove is probably better suited to RF however.
Farm Grade: B-, There is decent depth top to bottom, but not much in the way of spectacular mind blowing talent.

Pittsburgh Pirates

Five Star:
Four Star:
Three Star: SS Chad York, SP Frank Becker
Two Star: CF Javier Rodriguez, RF Ron Forbes, RP Fred Werth
One Star: 3B Duke Strittmatter, SS Trenidad Owen, SP Jackson Fields, RP Eddie Hatcher
Top STUD: Chad York - His glove is probably better suited to 3B, but his bat is probably good enough to justify the move. 
Farm Grade: D+, There is some solid depth, but mostly of role player prospects.  There aren't more then a few ML starters at best for the Pirates minor leagues though.

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