Wednesday, February 19, 2014

S13 Draft Review

1. SS Albert Puente (TEX)
Puente is the type of player owners dream of. He hits for average and power, and can run a little bit. He plays a premium defensive position and he can play it well. He can work the count and won’t strike out.
2. 3B Milton O’Leary (STL) 
O’Leary will strike out quite a bit, but in between those strike outs he’ll be driving the ball into the gaps and out of the ballpark. He can play 3B, but will make his fair share of errors. His range and arm are very good.
3. LF David Mijares (CH1)
Lacks the range to be a great defender at either corner slot, but who cares. He’s going to be an offensive star. He’s going to hit for average, knock the cover off the ball, and get on base a lot. I love this pick. It’s the type of player you build a team around.
tk21775 says: Chicago Cubs went with LF David Mijares with the 3rd overall pick in the draft; we had him at the top of our draft boards so we're pleased he was still available when it was our turn to pick; he should help put up some big numbers with his bat when he gets the call up to the majors and hopefully be playing LF in a Cubs uniform for a very long time.
4. RHP Stubby Pribanic (LA)
An interesting pitcher, he’s going to throw a ton of innings for the Dodgers, but he will struggle with his location a bit and LHB will knock him around. He throws hard and dominates RHB. Keeps the ball down in the zone and has some great pitches.
5. RHP J.C. Vaughn (TOR)
Another super reliever, he is going to miss his spots some. Throws hard and gets grounders. He isn’t dominate against RHB like Pribanic, but he’s more consistent from batter to batter. Doesn’t have that “out” pitch.
6. RHP Todd Rusch (CIN)**Analysis by hopkinsheel**
Solid selection. Arguably could be in the rotation right now if the Reds needed help. One of the most "arm ready" pitchers in the draft. Hopefully will develop a bit more over the next two seasons to be a solid #2/#3 guy.
hurricane384 says: We were very delighted to make this pick. Rusch can be a major part of this rotation very soon. Could very well be the Travis Evans of the Reds pitching staff.
7. RHP Bernie Bush (CH2)
Bush will be a solid and durable #2 SP in the White Sox rotation. He won’t walk many and can work deep into games and work deep into them often. Throws hard, induces GBs. Lacks a great group of pitches.
byers61 says: Bernie Bush has great control, good splits, excellent velocity, and three good pitches. Hopefully paired with a good pitch caller, he won't throw the change-up often. He should be a fixture in the White Sox rotation in a few years, and for many years to come.
8. LHP Ralph Shawler (BOS)
Shawler is a traditional SP who will dominate LHB more than RHB. Keeps the ball down. Throws hard. He’s not going to walk many guys. His pitch combination is something every SP is jealous of.
9. RHP Ramiro Castillo (MIN) – UNSIGNED
10. 3B Scott Wright (ATL)
Wright’s got the chops to be a SS in a pinch, but should be a gold glove 3B. He’s going to strike out a lot, but should walk a ton as well. He’ll hit for some good power. He’s better against LHP than RHP.
11. C Milton Braden (PIT)
The first C taken is a doozy. He’s a tremendous defensive C, who can catch almost every game. He hits for a lot of power and make solid contact. He drives the ball better against LHP than RHP. He does struggle with recognizing the strike zone while in the batter’s box.
12. LHP Carlos Bogaerts (FLA)
12 picks deep and the Marlins land a #2 SP. Good control, he also keeps the ball out of the hitting zone. He throws hard and keeps the ball down. His pitch selection is weak but his peripherals should offset that and allow for a solid pitcher.
13. LHP Hugh Davidson (WAS)
Not exactly a #2, but he’s a very useful pitcher. He’ll work deep into games and be able to go on short rest. He struggles vs RHB and is solid against LHB. He doesn’t hurt himself with walks, but lacks the power to blow guys away. Very good pitch combination.
heinzkill says: Hugh Davidson projects to be a back end of the rotation guy. Doesn't throw his four-seamer all that hard, but spots it well. Sets up his best pitch, which is his slider. Has a curveball and change-up he can sprinkle into his repertoire.
14. 2B/CF Kevin Stoops (CLE)
Stoops is going to be a gold glover, it just depends on where now. He’s fast. He drives the ball well against LHP and solidly against RHP. Decent eye. Decent contact and power.
abesmem says: The Indians well extremely happy to get a difference maker in Kevin Stoops with the 14th overall selection. The Indians had him rated 3rd overall on their board. Stoops will be an excellent fielder regardless of whether he ends up at 2B or CF. He has above average power and contact and should simply own left-handed pitchers while doing more than holding his own vs righties. He is a durable player that will make it to the big leagues in 2 years. He is starting out in AA.
15. SS Erick Silva (LAA)
Silva can work the count and drive the ball solidly. He’s not going to hit a ton of balls out of the park and will also strike out a fair amount. His value will be on defense where he has a few deficiencies. His glove stands to be below average and his arm could be a liability.
mskakunan says: Signability questions permitted the Angels to snag SS Erick Silva with the 15th pick. He was number 5 on our board so we were thrilled to get him, assuming we can convince him to sign. He doesn't project to have the defensive chops to be a ML SS, but he can be a top tier 2B with a live bat and a disciplined approach at the plate.
16. P Dee Glynn (MON)
17. P Orlando Uribe (SEA)
18. P Daryle Tewksbury (NY1)
mcgupp says: The Yankees were excited to get a Pitcher of Daryl Tewksbury's quality with the 18th pick . Good splits and 2 excellent pitches. Unfortunately, he significantly raised his asking price and will likely not be signed.
19. LHP Marcus Collins (CH2)
For the 19th pick overall, Collins is a solid pick. His splits are odd as he’s better against LHB than RHB, but he throws hard and gets a lot of ground balls. He’s not going to walk many. His pitch selection is good as well.
byers61 says: At number 19, Chicago drafted Marcus Collins. He too has excellent control and velocity, and a couple of real nice pitches. The big question with Collins is whether he will ever reach projections, since he is already age 22 and has a very questionable health rating.
20. RHP Benny Woods (NY2)
Woods is a solid pitcher, but lacks ideal durability to be much of a factor in the rotation. He does a good job of not walking guys. He keeps the ball down in the zone. Does a decent enough job of keeping the ball out of the hitting zone. Decent pitch selection.
21. 2B Wayne Payton (MIL)
This is a tremendous pick for the Brewers. Payton’s got good power, a great eye, and drives the ball well. He won’t hit for a high average. Can be a solid COF, 2B, or 3B. Solid speed.
s_gammon says: The hope is that Wayne Payton develops enough defensively to allow him to reach The Show as a second baseman. If he does he’ll be still be a below average defensive second baseman able to make good offensive contributions for the position. If he can’t stick at second base, well, we will see how it goes.
22. 2B Earl Wesson (MON)
Can play 2B or CF and become a gold glover at either spot. A defensive wizard, he’s fast too. His offensive credentials leave a little to be desired. He won’t hit for a ton of homers, although he can drive the ball to the gaps. His eye and contact ability are average.
23. 3B Patrick Howell (STL)
Drives the ball well, but he’s definitely going to have to play a COF spot as his glove or arm accuracy won’t develop to allow him to be an asset on defense. He doesn’t have much power and will strike out a lot.
24. 2B Watty Coggin (ARI)
Coggin is a classic late 1st round pick. He’s a useful player, likely never to be an award winner, but definitely worth keeping around for a while. He’s got average power, splits, and an average eye. He will make above average contact.
25. RF Tom Donnels (BAL)
More of a DH than a RF, Donnels only weakness is that he’s not very durable, so his impact during the season will be limited. His impact will be tremendous when he’s in the lineup though as he’s one of the best offensive players in this draft. Top-notch power, great eye, dominant against LHP and solid against RHP. Won’t strike out too much. Great grab this late in the draft.
hopkinsheel says: The Orioles are really pleased with the selection and signing of Donnels. We feel he was the premier bat in the draft and had him ranked 5th on our master list. He is young so several seasons away, but he should anchor the DH position for a long time.
26. 3B/SS Paul James (NO)
He’s definitely a solid enough 3B. He’s just an above average player across the board. One who is going to be useful for a while.
mongoose_22 says: The New Orleans Jazz look forward to watching Paul James develop into an exceptionally mediocre major league player, assuming he doesn't decide to go to college instead. Though he played SS in HS, he doesn't project to be good enough with the glove to stay there. Instead its likely he'll become a solid defensive 3B. With the bat, he insn't anything special. He'll likely develop into a league average hitter. He is durable, and capable of being a very valuable bench player or a below average starting positional player.
27. RHP Tim Blackburn (PHI)
This pick is a jaw-dropper. To pick a guy up with so many positives this late in the draft is an upset. The only negative is that his pitch selection is not good, but he throws hard and gets a lot of GBs. He won’t walk many and keeps the ball out of the hitting zone.
mitt0108 says: The Philly front office was pretty pleased that Blackburn was available at number 27. While only investing in college scouting, Blackburn was 6th on our board. He should be a solid starter with 5 pitches and great velocity/ground ball rate. However, his health is a big question mark, but at no.27 he was worth the risk.
28. RHP Wladimir Garrido (OAK)
A pick that pisses me off…typically when I draft this late I get a guy who has no business ever being in the bigs…here we have a potential all-star. His durability and stamina will only allow him to be a RP, but he’ll be good. Good splits, throws hard, great pitches…has good command of his pitches.
29. RF Hugh Pecina (KC) – UNSIGNED
30. LHP Hector Rivers (DET)
Solid pick late in the draft. He doesn’t throw hard but has a solid pitch combination. Decent splits. Won’t walk many. Decent stamina/durability.
dakar says: Hector Rivers is probably as good as the Tigers could hope to get picking in the 30th spot. He is a soft tossing lefty who projects to have no real weaknesses, but no outstanding attributes either. Probably a future #3-4 starter.
31. 2B Lee Montague (FLA)
Solid offensively, Montague has some potential. Won’t light the world on fire, but is a solid pick.
32. SS Haywood Arnold (LA)
Arnold is one of those players that I’m never real sure what to do with. He doesn’t have the arm strength to be a GG SS and is not the type of offensive player who will make up for his errors and minus plays. He’s solid offensively and could definitely be a very good CF, but you hate wasting that arm in the OF.
33. RHP Edgardo Suarez (SF)
Suarez will struggle keeping the ball out of the hitting zone, especially against LHB. Tremendous pitch selection. Won’t walk many. Doesn’t throw too hard.
34. 1B Vern Williamson (NO) – UNSIGNED

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