Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Top C - S14

  1. Nick Helms - PIT (.277/.336/.468; 198HR, 642H)
    The top ranked C can do it all. Helms has a solid arm and can really call a game. Best attribute is his top-notch power. He doesn't strike out too much, drives the ball well and can really work the count. Should see 200 HRs early in the season. SCORE: 78.9
  2. Cesar Cedeno - PHI (.300/.380/.600; 244HR, 840H)
    Cedeno can't call a game well at all. Decent arm, but not spectacular. He'll strike out more than you'd like, but when he hits the ball...it stays hit. He drives the ball well, has tremendous power, and can work the count really well. He should reach 1,000 hits this season and has a shot at getting to 300 HRs. SCORE: 78.4
  3. Moises Gonzalez - HOU (.318/.426/.633; 385HR, 1368H)
    Not much of a defensive C, Gonzalez, like the other 2 guys, is a very good offensive C. He drives the ball well, works the count well, and hits for power. He won't strike out too much. Can't call a game very well and has a weak arm. Should see him reach the 400 HR plateau this season. SCORE: 76.4
Best Arm: Rafael Olmedo (BOS) & Brian Cheng (STL)
Fastest C: Micah Mitchell (CH2)
Slowest C: Melky Morales (ATL)
Best PC: Lawrence Pelfrey (MON)

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