Monday, April 21, 2014

Top SS - S14

  1. William Aoki - NY1 (.284/.343/.495; 140 HR, 837 H)
    Aoki makes up for his substandard defense with sterling offensive ability. He has a solid glove, but lacks the ideal range or arm. He hits for power, doesn't strike out much, and drives the ball well. He also has a solid understanding of the strike zone. He's a good baserunner. SCORE: 78.0
  2. Wes Sheehan - SD (.257/.312/.421; 134 HR, 971 H)
    Sheehan has close to the defense you look for at SS. He's also a good offensive player. He provides some pop, while being able to drive the ball. He's can work the count and avoid strikeouts like an average player. SCORE: 74.3 
  3. Al Edwards - MON (.234/.299/.410; 80 HR, 432 H)
    A very good defender, Edwards is not done developing yet. He's got solid speed and knows how to run the bases. He's got great power. He won't strike out much. He struggles with making consistently solid contact. He's average at working the count. SCORE: 74.0
Best Defense: Gary Easley (CLE)
Best Arm: Gary Easley (CLE) & Bernard Wolf (OAK)
Fastest: Mark Varitek (BOS)
Slowest: Shawon Petersen (CH1) & Miguel Ramirez (CIN)

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