Friday, April 18, 2014

Top 3B - S14

  1. Phil Gao - PHI (.319/.426/.540; 306 HR, 1,359 H)
    Tremendous defensive 3B, Gao makes great contact, drives the ball relatively well and knows the strike zone well. He's got enough power to make pitchers fear him, and can run the bases well. 9-time silver slugger, 10-time all-star, 3-time gold glover...he's one of the world's best. SCORE: 79.9
  2. Damaso Romero - TB (.267/.337/.515; 258 HR, 1,202 H)
    Romero is a hell of a defender. He's fast and a solid baserunner. He knows the zone fairly well, so he can work the count. He's got great power to go along with a great ability to drive the ball. He makes solid contact. SCORE: 78.4
  3. Benito Infante - NO (.282/.348/.490; 101 HR, 608 H)
    Infante plays tremendous defense. He is a solid baserunner with some speed. He will strikeout. Has some power. Drives the ball well. Decent eye.
Best Defense: Frank Rasmussen (ATL)
Best Arm: Frank Rasmussen (ATL)
Fastest: Alex Tarraga (TOR)
Slowest: Doug Lee (CH1)

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