Monday, April 21, 2014

Top CF - S14

  1. Travis Evans - CIN (.310/.377/.524; 193 HR, 1,438 H)
    Evans has spent his entire career in the majors for Cincinnati, a rarity. He doesn't strike out much, hits a fair amount of home runs, drives the ball really well. He's got good range and a good glove. He's fast and can run the bases well. He is merely average at reaching base. Should reach 1,500 hits and 200 home runs. SCORE: 81.9
  2. Pat Hickman - HOU (.283/.353/.550; 113 HR, 505 H)
    He's really a SS playing CF. Has good range and glove and a strong arm. He really shines offensively where he has very good power. He's solid at making consistent contact. Good eye. He doesn't strike out too much. Tremendous speed. SCORE: 78.7
  3. Charlie Black - ARI (.287/.389/.432; 93 HR, 965 H)
    Black doesn't have good power, but makes up for that by hitting for average and walking. He does a good job of driving the ball. He's a good baserunner with speed. He has solid range and a good glove. SCORE: 76.0
Best Defense: Jim Long (HOU)
Best Arm: Jim Long (HOU)
Fastest: John Revere (DET) & Rod Lee (MON)
Slowest: Jim Long (HOU) 

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