Monday, April 21, 2014

Top RF - S14

  1. Kenny Francis - OAK (.303/.359/.527; 244 HR, 1,347 H)
    Francis hits for a high average with good power. He drives the ball. Merely average at working the count. He's a dangerous hitter. Not a good defender as he lacks a strong arm and has below average range. SCORE: 78.6
  2. Bob Osborne - TEX (.280/.363/.563; 183 HR, 635 H)
    Osborne has tremendous power and does a solid job of avoiding strikeouts. He's got tremendous plate discipline. He dominates LHP but really struggles against RHP. He has a really strong arm and solid range. SCORE: 77.2
  3. Larry Browning - CIN (.274/.349/.453; 96 HR, 593 H)
    Browning doesn't have elite power or contact ability and is better against LHP than RHP. He has a good eye. The issue is his defense. He has terrible range, a terrible glove and a merely mediocre arm. SCORE: 76.8
    Michael Blasingame - KC (.308/.400/.518; 321 HR, 2,051 H)

    Not much of a defender, Blasingame makes up for that with a solid offensive repertoire. Makes good contact, decent power. Dominates RHP. Solid against LHP. Great eye. SCORE: 76.8
Best Defense: Doug Osbourne (CLE)
Best Arm: Doug Osbourne (CLE)
Fastest: Mark Frazier (ARI)
Slowest: Esmil Cano (PHI)

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