Monday, April 21, 2014

Top LF - S14

  1. Jimmie Alomar - KC (.260/.334/.505; 58 HR, 242 H)
    Despite being 21 years old, Alomar is one of the most complete hitters in the league. He has a ton of power, won't strike out much. Drives the ball well. Can work the count. Decent baserunner. Decent defense. No real holes in his game. SCORE: 85.0
  2. Humberto Posada - LA (.288/.357/.555; 356 HR, 1,387 H)
    Doesn't strike out much. Is an absolute terror against RHP. Struggles against LHP. Solid knowledge of the strike zone. Has a lot of power. Not much for defense, but when you hit like him, does it really matter? SCORE: 81.4
  3. Neftali Barrios - SD (.285/.371/.513; 332 HR, 1,791 H)
    One of the best defensive LF in the league, he could play CF in a pinch. Good range and glove. Dominates RHP. Performs well against LHP. Good eye. Good speed. Solid power and solid contact. SCORE: 81.2
Best Defense: Brendan Buford (CIN)
Best Arm: Matty Sanchez (MIL)
Fastest: Brendan Buford (CIN)
Slowest:  Socks Hudson (TEX)

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