Friday, April 18, 2014

Top 2B - S14

  1. Benj Fox - CIN (.274/.347/.472; 230 HR, 1,308 H)
    Fox has solid range, and a great glove and arm for a 2B. He is not going to strike out much, and hits for some power. He should be able to drive the ball very well against everybody. He has a great eye. He can run the bases reasonably well with average speed. SCORE: 79.3
  2. Henry Crosby - DET (.319/.391/.524; 172 HR, 1,495 H)
    A Detroit lifer, Crosby has good range and a decent glove. Although his speed is in decline, he's still very fast. Solid power, drives the ball really well. Makes good contact. Can definitely work the count well. Should break both 200 HRs and 1,500 H's...the hits will come in game 2. SCORE: 78.3
  3. Henry Lennon - TB (.284/.375/.488; 95 HR, 577 H)
    A youngster, Lennon has solid power, is average at making contact. Sees the ball better against RHP than LHP. He can work the count and has decent speed once he gets on. He's about an average defender. Will break 100 HRs this season. SCORE: 77.6
Best Defender: Donzell Holmes (CH2)
Best Arm: Donzell Holmes (CH2)
Fastest: Guy Perez (SEA)
Slowest: Ed Gold (BAL)

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