Friday, October 14, 2011

Top 20 FAs

  1. CF Dave Shuck (NY2; 3yrs/$12.9M)
    Lacks the ideal range for a CF, but can bat lead-off and comes cheaply.
    Grade: A-
  2. CF Danys Martin**UNSIGNED**
  3. SS Steve Gil (CIN; 5yrs/$35.0M)Cincinnati arguably overpaid for this aging slugger, but they get someone who can play solid 3B while hitting pretty well.
    Grade: B-
  4. LHP Phillip Payton (CIN; 2yrs/$15.5M)
     The Reds may have paid a premium to get him off the market quickly.
    Grade: B
  5. LF Merv Dorsey (STL; 5yrs/$60.0M)The Cardinals got the best offensive player in the free agent market this season. Grade: B+
  6. CF Yamid Rios (NO; 2yrs/$7.2M)Really earns his pay by being a good defensive CF. The Jazz got a great deal here.
    Grade: A
  7. RHP Vinny Kwon (STL; 1yr/$4.0M)Getting the best RP on the market, even though he is aging, makes this a great signing for the Cardinals. Grade A-
  8. SS Eric Dickson (CIN; 2yrs/$22.0M)
    The Reds overpaid to sign this SS who struggles offensively but makes up for it defensively.
    Grade: C
  9. LHP Pepe Vazquez**UNSIGNED**
  10. LHP Jeff Hudson (FLA; 2yrs/$3.4M)The #2 reliever on the market struggles with his splits, but comes cheaply which makes this risk worth taking.
    Grade: B
  11. 1B Roosevelt Voyles (NO; 3yrs/$16.9M)While not coming with elite talent, Voyles fills a need and does it reasonably.
    Grade: B
  12. C Eric English (SEA; 4yrs/$23.5M)Plays a good defensive C while also hitting extremely well and being durable.
    Grade: A
  13. RHP Rex Howard (CIN; 5yrs/$50.5M)The Reds overpaid to get Howard who is a good pitcher, but not an ace.
    Grade: C-
  14. 1B Brace Workman**UNSIGNED**
  15. SS Vladimir Dotel (MIN; 4yrs/$20.2M)While he's not going to perform consistently on offense, he can hit for power and contact and play good defense.
    Grade: B+
  16. 2B Fred Dresden (WAS; 5yrs/$36.3M)He squares the ball well, but isn't in the elite category offensively or defensively.
    Grade: C+
  17. RF Ed Parkinson**UNSIGNED**
  18. 3B Jose Camacho (TEX; 3yrs/$15.0M)Will play RF for the Rangers, and will likely put up a slash line of .280/.340/.460.
    Grade: B-
  19. CF Sal Booker**UNSIGNED**
  20. LHP Albert Sosa (SD; 2yrs/$11.0M)A solid starting pitcher should perform pretty well at a reasonable cost.
    Grade: B

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