Thursday, July 14, 2011

S3 -- TOP FA


1. Trent Cambridge (R) – MIN
signed w/STL
Cambridge has good power, makes solid contact. He dominates LHP while holding his own against RHP. He has a solid eye. His arm is weak, and his accuracy is nothing to write home about. His pitch-calling ability is not the greatest.

2. Jered Ross (R) – SEA
re-signed w/SEA
Average power, average contact. He’s better against LHP than RHP. Great eye. Weak arm, not very accurate. Decent game caller.

3. Geoff Walker (R) – SEA
Average power, average contact, he’s better against LHP than RHP. Has a solid arm, with good accuracy. Average at calling games.

*If you’re looking to hit it big at the catcher position, this is not your season. There are some solid players, but not the type of game changers one hopes to find in the Free Agent Market.


1. Donatello Ramirez (L) – SEA
signed w/NYY
Solid power and contact. Above average at driving the ball. Great eye.

2. Khoury Riggs (L) – DET
Average power. Good contact. Average at driving the ball. Average eye. Good speed for 1B.

3. Khiry Banks (S) – NYY
signed w/HOU
Above average contact. Average power. Better against RHP than LHP. Average eye.

*A weak class, Ramirez is tops in this group. You don’t have much of the pure power hitters that you look for out of the 1B position.


1. Braden Kubel (R) – LA
Great contact. Very good power. Great against LHP. Above average against RHP. Solid eye. Good speed. Good range and glove. Arm is not the greatest.

2. Vladimir Fernandez (R) – FLA
Average contact hitter with some pop. Can drive the ball consistently. Above average eye. Below average range with a great glove. Weak arm strength but very accurate.

3. Benjamin Hawkins (R) – MON
Solid contact. Decent against LHP. Average against RHP. Almost no power. Good glove. Good range. Weak arm.

*If you don’t land Kubel, you might not even want to waste your time on anybody else. This is a very weak class, with only one difference maker in the group.


1. Luther Becker (R) – SEA
Good contact. Solid power. Very good at driving the ball. Great eye. Good range. Good glove. Strong arm.

2. Barry Yearwood (R) – SEA
Average contact. Solid power. Better against LHP than RHP. Good eye. Lacks ideal range. Great glove. Solid arm.

3. Mo Darwin (R) – NO
signed w/SD
Will strike out some. Solid power. Dominates LHP. Good against RHP. Average range. Good glove. Good arm.

*This is a solid class. If you can land one of the top 5 they are going to help you out. There is a decent variety of players too.


1. Derrick Taylor (S) – MON
signed w/STL
Average contact hitter with little pop. Decent at driving the ball. Average eye. Great range. Very good arm. Lacks ideal glove.

2. Angel Bonilla (R) – STL
signed w/CLE
Solid contact hitter with some pop. Struggles at making consistent contact. Not great knowledge of strike zone. Great speed. Good range. Good glove. Strong arm.

3. Brady McPherson (R) – MON
Solid contact hitter with little pop. Pretty good against LHP. Struggles some against RHP. Not good at recognizing strikes. Slow. Decent range. Solid glove. Not as strong an arm as one would like, but is accurate.

*A decent choice of players here, but there isn’t that difference maker available. Some of these guys would be better off playing 2B or 3B, but will work at SS in a pinch.


1. Tony Guevara (R) – NO
Good contact hitter with some pop. Drives the ball well. Decent eye. Average speed. Above average range and glove for a LF.

2. Hector Johnson (R) – MIL
Solid contact hitter with some power. Better against RHP than LHP. Great eye. Average defense.

3. Hector Merced (R) – PIT
re-signed w/PIT
Average contact with some power. Drives the ball well. Good eye. Good speed. Good range, great glove.

*Not a superstar in this group and once you get past the top 3, you really start to struggle to find a reason to sign anybody.


1. Hub Bradley (R) – CH1
Average contact hitter with good power. He drives the ball well. Average eye. Decent speed. Slightly below average defender.

2. Reid Howard (S) – SF
signed w/SEA
Above average power and contact. Struggles against LHP. Solid against RHP. Decent eye. Average speed. Average range. Great glove.

3. Carson James (L) – KC
signed w/CIN
Good contact hitter with very little power. Solid at driving the ball. Good eye. Good speed. Average range with average glove.

*The CF position is deeper than any other position; there are 4 players (Pasqual Solano is the 4th) who could really come into most teams and start.


1. Ed Parkinson (L) – TEX
Doesn’t make a lot of contact, but hits it far when he does. Struggles at driving the ball consistently. Great eye. Not a good defensive player.

2. Tito Lee (R) – NO
Makes solid contact with some good power. Average at driving the ball. Average eye. Decent defensively.

3. Abdul Williams (R) – SD
Strikes out a lot. Has some good power. Dominant against LHP. Struggles against RHP. Great eye. Weak defensively.

Not a great crop if you’re looking to build around them, but a decent crop if you want some role players.


1. Phillip Payton (L) – CLE
Lacks ideal stamina. Great control. Dominates LHB, solid against RHB. Doesn’t throw hard. Solid GB. 2 solid pitches, an average pitch, and a poor pitch.

2. Josias Gonzales (R) – TB
signed w/CHC
Good stamina. Very good control. Very good at keeping the ball out of the hitting zone. Lacks velocity. Good GB. Good 1st pitch, above average 2nd and 3rd.

3. Ralph Stevenson (R) – NO
Lacks ideal stamina. Great control. Better against RHB than LHB. Good velocity. Good GB. Very good 1st and 4th pitches, Good 2nd, and decent 3rd.

*No ace here, but that’s ok, because this group of starters can really help a team out. Depending on what you want, it’s here.


1. Eugene Bush (R) – BAL
Great stamina/durability combination. Great control. Keeps the ball out of the hitting zone on a consistent basis. Lacks velocity. Does a great job at getting GBs. 2 great pitches.

2. Khalil Vining (L) – DET
A long reliever, Vining has good control, great velocity, 2 great pitches. Gets a lot of groundballs. The worry is that he really struggles against RHB at keeping the ball out of the hitting zone, while not being great against LHB.

3. Marcus Woods (L) – NYY
Lacks ideal stamina combination, but is absolutely brutal on LHB. Good against RHB. Great velocity. Decent GB. Good 1st pitch, decent 2nd pitch, slightly below average 3rd. Great control

*Bush has the ability to be a dominant closer, while the rest of the guys would fill in very nicely in most roles in the bullpen.

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