Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Top SS

  1. Art Redding (FLA)
    A very good defender, Redding does not sacrifice his offense. Makes good contact, and drives the ball really well against LHP, even though he doesn’t have much power. He is above average against RHP. He has a decent eye.
  2. Steve Gil (TB)
    Gil dominates LHP, while being good against RHP. He has a good eye. He doesn’t strike out much and has good power. His defense is average as he is hurt quite a bit by his lack of range. Health is a huge concern.
  3. Hal Bell (CH2)
    An average defensive player, Bell makes up for this by being good at the plate. He’s good against LHP, solid against RHP, doesn’t strike out too much, and has some power. Does have good knowledge of the strike zone.

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