Monday, July 18, 2011

Top C

  1. Eric English (FLA)
    English is a durable catcher. He’s got a great arm and is very knowledgeable when it comes to handling pitchers. He doesn’t strike out much, does a nice job of driving the ball and has some power. He has a somewhat weak eye.
  2. Bernie Ontiveros (LAA)
    Not as durable as one would like in a #1 catcher, Ontiveros is a good player nonetheless. He handles a staff well and has a good arm. He rarely strikes out, and drives the ball well. He will hit a few homers, and has a decent grasp of the strike zone.
  3. Alex Gomez (MIL)
    If you subscribe to the pitch-calling doesn’t matter, then here’s your man. Gomez is not a good defender at all, but he has top-notch power that combines with good ability to drive the ball. He knows the strike zone extremely well, and isn’t going to strike out much.

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