Friday, July 22, 2011

Top SP

  1. Edgar Martin (BAL)
    The best pitcher in the league, Martin does a great job of controlling the tempo, keeping hitters off-balance. He doesn’t throw hard, but he does get a lot of grounders. Won’t walk many. He has a tremendous first pitch, and solid 2-5. Can throw deep into games.
  2. Hugh Downs (PIT)
    Great control combines with a great pitch and solid 2-5 pitches to make him the #2 pitcher in the world. He keeps hitters off-balance most of the time and forces a lot of groundballs.
  3. Apollo Gibson (MIL)
    Can work deep into games, while keeping hitters off-balance and getting a lot of groundballs. He does sometimes lose focus and leave a pitch in the hitting zone. Does not throw hard.

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