Friday, July 22, 2011

Top RP

  1.  Fred Adams (TEX)
    Although he lacks ideal stamina/durability combination, Adams is a very good reliever. He throws hard, has a good compliment of pitches. Dominates RHB and is solid against LHB. Can get a groundball and won’t walk himself into trouble.
  2. Elvis Janssen (TEX)
    Not enough stamina to start on a consistent basis, Janssen can appear quite often. He’s got a solid stable of pitches, gets strikeouts and groundballs, and can be dominant. Won’t walk many.
  3. Benny Waddell (LA)
    Lacks ideal stamina/durability combination, he is still a very good reliever. Won’t walk many and can get the strikeout. Will get a groundball out time after time with his combination of good pitches.
  4. Steve Hines (MON)
    An ironman type reliever, Hines has great control, dominates RHB while being solid agianst LHB. He's got good velocity, 2 very good pitches, and an above average one. He gets a lot of groundball outs.

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