Wednesday, October 16, 2013

S12 Top 1B/DH

  1. Jeff Phelps SF (.282/.404/.530)
    Phelps tops the list of 1B/DH with his power and tremendous ability to avoid K's leading the way. He knows how to work a walk. He has walked at least 103 times in every ML season while striking out no more than 64 times in a season. Has hit at least 36 HRs in 4 out of 5 seasons (27 in 142 games in his rookie year). Type of player who can anchor a lineup, he also drives the ball well.
  2. Hipolito Iglesias DET (.345/.432/.592)
    While he doesn't boast the greatest power or contact ability, that doesn't stop him from averaging 31 HRs a season while boasting a career average of .345. He will strike out some but he makes up for that by walking almost as much. A really great eye, he just drives the ball really too.
  3. Frank Terrell SEA (.277/.382/.506)
    Really knows the strike zone having worked more walks than strikeouts on a consistent basis in his career. Has never hit fewer than 22 HRs in a full season. Does a solid job of driving the ball, but he's really helped by the fact that he knows the zone and takes full advantage of it.
  4. Mark Ishikawa MON
  5. Julio Manuel ARI
  6. Ricardo Flores COL
  7. Alex Guerrero LAA
  8. Deivi Lee NO
  9. Randy Washington CLE
  10. Jerome Norman BOS

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