Friday, October 18, 2013

S12 Top RF

  1. Shayne Everett OAK (.304/.418/.512)
    Everett has never stolen fewer than 23 bases in a season or hit fewer than 25 doubles. Has never struck out more than 57 times in a season and always walks more than he strikes out by a wide margin. Has solid power and drives the ball well. He does enough well to be a consistent Silver Slugger and All-Star. He doesn't play good defense and that's really the only complaint to be had here.
  2. Theo Mathews LAA (.292/.403/.497)
    Mathews is a good player who has never hit fewer than 20 HRs in a season and has always walked more than he strikes out. He has a solid arm but is really lacking in range these days. He drives the ball well and can really work the count well.
  3. Michael Blasingame KC (.306/.400/.515)
    Has never hit fewer than 22 doubles in a season and only once has he struck out as many times as he walked (S10). Not a base-stealing threat though. Has some pop and can work the count. Drives the ball well and dominates RHP. Great eye.
  4. Byron Sullivan TB
  5. Kenny Francis OAK
  6. Bob Osborne TEX
  7. Rich Coco BOS
  8. Yovani Rijo CIN
  9. P.J. Cheney SF
  10. Willis Branyan STL

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