Wednesday, October 16, 2013

S12 - Top C

  1. Nick Helms PIT (.277/.358/.572)
    For being a young player with some development time left, Helms is the top C in the league already. Helms isn't just an offensive juggernaut either, he's able to throw runners out and call a solid game. He's durable. He does shine the most when it comes to offense though. Tremendous power with a great ability to work a walk. He drives the ball well and doesn't strike out too much. He averages a home run every 11.38 ABs and has never hit fewer than 35 in a season. 
  2. Cesar Cedeno MON (.314/.390/.717)
    Some might quibble with Cedeno being #2 instead of #1, but really, when you have a top 3 backstop, there isn't much room for complaining. Cedeno is better offensively than Helms. In a full ML season he's never hit fewer than 43 HRs. Better batting average too, although he will strike out a fair amount. Does a tremendous job of driving the ball and can really work the count. He's not too good of a defender though as he struggles to call a game and has an average arm. Another youngster, he has some room to develop as well.
  3. Moises Gonzalez HOU (.316/.423/.638)
    The old man of the group, he's not a good defensive catcher, but offensively He makes up for it. He makes solid contact, drives the ball with authority, and knows the ins and outs of the strike zone. His power is where he really shines as he has never hit fewer than 33 HRs in a season. 
  4. Marvin Sellers DET
  5. Yorvit Ramirez SF
  6. Burt Washington CIN
  7. Ricardo Jose ATL
  8. Felipe Estrada NO
  9. Alex Gomez PHI
  10. Jake Rhodes OAK

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