Thursday, October 17, 2013

S12 Top SS

  1. Damaso Romero MON (.263/.331/.510)
    His overall stats don't quite mesh with his rankings, but with 3 silver sluggers and 3 all-star appearances, it's scary to think what he could do. He's never hit fewer than 22 HRs in a full season, so he has power. He has great power, with a solid eye. He drives the ball well. Doesn't strike out too much. His ratings tell a completely different story than his stats do. Still, his offense makes up for the defensive deficiencies he has. Doesn't have great range or glove and his arm accuracy leaves a bit to be desired.
  2. William Aoki NY1 (.291/.347/.502)
    Aoki has been a good offensive contributor while his defense definitely could use some improvement. He's adequate in the glove department but deficient with his weak arm and lack of range. He's got good speed, hits for power and average, and can work the count some. Solid baserunner, he also drives the ball well. 3-time Silver Slugger and All-Star.
  3. Wes Sheehan SD (.258/.311/.421)
    Gold Glove and Silver Slugger 3B in S9, Sheehan shifted over to SS in S10 and has performed admirably, both on the field and in the box. Had a down season in S11, but should bounce back this season. Doesn't hit for an outstanding average or tremendous power, but he does have some pop. Drives the ball well. Average knowledge of the strike zone. A good defender, but not a great one.
  4. Roosevelt Rath SF
  5. Donzell Holmes NO
  6. Omar Cedeno PIT
  7. Al Edwards TB
  8. Miguel Ramirez OAK
  9. Branch Bressley PHI
  10. Michael Beck MIN

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