Wednesday, October 16, 2013

S12 Top 2B

  1. Travis Evans CIN (.311/.376/.517)
    Last season's NL MVP, Evans has been in the bigs since he was drafted. A base-stealer who will hit for a high average, his weakness is OBP. Doesn't have an elite eye, but does well enough that it's not a hindrance. Steals bases at an 85% clip and averages 114 runs a season (including his shortened rookie season). Evans plays good defense at 2B. He's fast and drives the ball well while not striking out much. 
  2. Henry Crosby DET (.321/.394/.530)
    In Crosby's 5 full seasons in the majors, he has never hit below .309 and has only struck out more than 64 times once. The fewest stolen bases he's had in a season is 72 and he did that in 130 games. Has hit fewer than 20 HRs only once. Scored fewer than 100 Rs only once as well. He has some pop in his bat, a good eye, and does a great job of driving the ball. Won't strike out a lot. Defense leaves a little to be desired, but that's being nit-picky.
  3. Arnold Miller OAK (.273/.368/.458)
    Has seen his power drop off lately, and doesn't steal a lot of bases for his speed. He's a poor baserunner. Has decent power, will strike out more than you'd like. Drives the ball consistently well against RHP, but dominates LHP. He knows the strike zone and can definitely work a walk. Solid, but not spectacular at defense.
  4. Henry Lennon PHI
  5. Neal Foster SF
  6. Steven Newfield MIL
  7. Edinson Cruz MON
  8. Marino Tavarez KC
  9. Nicholas Walters STL
  10. Brett Welsh NY1

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