Thursday, October 17, 2013

S12 Top LF

  1. Humberto Posada LA (.291/.360/.556)
    Posada has never hit fewer than 32 HRs in a season so he has a lot of power. Struggles with consistency against LHP, but dominates RHP. Average speed. Doesn't strike out a lot and can work the count. Not going to win any gold gloves in LF. 
  2. Neftali Barrios SD (.282/.369/.510)
    A guy whose ratings seem to scream that he's a better player than what he is, Barrios has HR totals all over the place. He's never struck out more than 90 times in a season. He'll hit a lot of 2Bs and HRs one season, and the next he will be down. Tremendous defender who could fill in in CF in a pinch.
  3. Carlos Ordaz MIL (.300/.393/.510)
    Ordaz has never hit fewer than 30 doubles since entering the league. Typically walks almost twice as much as he strikes out. Drives the ball against RHP but struggles somewhat with consistency against LHP. He has some pop in his bat as well. Solid speed as well.
  4. Kordell Stanley BAL
  5. Greg Monroe CIN
  6. Allen Withers NY1
  7. Jim Schafer ARI
  8. Bucky Stults STL
  9. David Davis CIN
  10. Harold McKnight  PIT

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