Thursday, October 17, 2013

S12 Top 3B

  1. Phil Gao PHI (.322/.431/.541)
    A doubles machine, Gao has never hit fewer than 24 doubles in a season, and averages 35 per season. That combines with 25 HRs for a pretty good hitter. 3-time Gold Glove, 7-time Silver Slugger, and 8-time All-Star, he also has an MVP for his efforts. He plays top notch defense, has solid speed, won't strike out, can work the count and drives the ball. He also hits with some power. 
  2. John Jung BAL (.293/.354/.422)
    Well traveled, Jung is on his 3rd team...of this season. He has played for 6 different teams and is in his second tour of duty with Baltimore. Doesn't hit for a lot of power, but has a good batting average. Solid speed, good eye. Makes contact a lot and drives the ball really well against RHP. His range is on the decline, but still good range and when combined with his other defensive ratings, it makes for a good defender.
  3. Benito Infante NO (.296/.362/.505)
    The heir apparent to Gao and Jung, Infante begins his 2nd full ML season with hope. Last season he scored 106 R, hit 31 2B, 24 HR, 100 RBI, and stole 20 bases without getting caught. Pretty good season for his first full MLB season. Already a 2-time All-Star, you can expect very good defense out of Infante with a good eye, solid power, and some speed. He will strike out 100+ times most seasons. Does a good job of driving the ball.
  4. Trent Rivera MIL
  5. Carlos Rivera SD
  6. Davey Candelaria LAA
  7. Paul Dillon ARI
  8. Alex Tarraga ATL
  9. Kevin McKinley DET
  10. Matty Sanchez NY2 

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