Friday, October 18, 2013

S12 Top CF

  1. Benj Fox OAK (.279/.355/.488)
    Fox's ratings tell you a story of a very good offensive player, one who will hit for average, power, and get on base at a good clip. His statistics reveal a different story, one of recent inconsistency. Other than his shortened first season, the past 2 seasons have produced the fewest home runs and worst batting averages of his career. My money is on him picking it up this season. Actually has the defensive ratings to be a good 2B/3B, but lacks the ideal range for a CF.
  2. Brian Greenwood NY1 (.272/.367/.440)
    Greenwood has been up and down in terms of power during this first 5 seasons in the ML. Hits for some power and walks more than he strikes out. Struggles with consistency against RHP, while being better against LHP. Can really work a walk and will make contact more often than not. Lacks the ideal range for a CF, but when he gets to a ball, he will make the play. Decent speed and great durability.
  3. Pat Hickman HOU (.290/.351/.557)
    If he remains at CF, he will become the best CF in the world in short order. Right now he doesn't leave us much to go on based on his 1st full season in the bigs. He was a S11 All-Star and NL ROY. He hit 40 HRs, knocked in 123 and stole 28 bases while scoring 108 runs. He's only going to get better too. Should be able to transition to being the best SS in the league soon...hits for power, has a great eye, drives the ball well, and won't strike out too much. He's fast and should be able to develop tremendous range and glove.
  4. Charlie Black ARI
  5. Danny Lee CH1
  6. Yusmeiro Johnson CIN
  7. Philip Johnson NY2
  8. Alejandro Bennett LAA
  9. Brendan Buford PHI
  10. Gerardo Perez BOS

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