Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Top 3B

  1. Luther Becker SEA
    .268/.383/.451; 24 HR, 77 RBI; .978 fldg %, 17 good plays, 1 bad play
    Solid at making contact. Solid power. Very good against LHP and RHP. Great eye. Good baserunner. Good defender. Decent speed. Durable. Health is a concern.
  2. Edgar Castillo WAS
    .333/.403/.649; 41 HR, 114 RBI; .947 fldg %, 8 bad plays
    A terrible defender. Solid at making contact. Great power. Dominant against LHP and RHP. Above average eye. Average baserunner. Decent speed. Less durable than the average player. Health is a concern.
  3. Sam Schwartz TB
    .278/.350/.525; 39 HR, 103 RBI; .991 fldg %, 12 good plays
    AL GG winner. Great defense. Very durable. Good speed. Solid at making contact. Good power. Good against LHP and RHP. Good eye. No health concerns.

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