Friday, April 15, 2011


  1. Hector Johnson (.252/.343/.395; 10 HR, 26 RBI)
    Johnson is not going to strike out much as he does a great job at putting the bat to the ball and he has a great idea of the strike zone. He's got decent power, and he's better against RHP than he is LHP. He's slow, but does have decent range for a LF. He's very durable, and should see plenty of opportunities should someone need an experienced, solid LF.
  2. Spike Allen (.253/.337/.550; 27 HR, 53 RBI)
    He's going to strike out, and he's going to strike out a lot. He makes up for that in the pure power he possesses, as well as the ability to really work the count. He's better against RHP than he is LHP, but that's misleading as he's merely average against RHP. He's a poor defender and belongs at 1B. He's got decent durability. Very slow.
  3. Miguel Vargas (.270/.353/.451; 11 HR, 39 RBI)
    The old man of this crew, Vargas is injury prone, slow, and not very durable, needing lots of rest. He's got a good glove for LF, but has trouble covering the necessary ground. He makes good contact, has above average power, and is good against RHP. He's average against LHP and only has an above average command of the strike zone.
hurricane384's take: If you have a hole to fill in LF, these guys each bring something to the table. They aren't superstars, but they can definitely "bridge the gap" as necessary.

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