Tuesday, April 19, 2011


  1. Vinny Kwon (84G, 78.0IP, 1.44WHIP, 4.50ERA)
    Signed w/CIN (1 yr/$5.0M)
    Kwon has good durability, although the stamina is slightly lower than one would like. He's solid against LHB & RHB. He's got decent velocity, and is solid at forcing GBs. He's got one good pitch and 2 above average pitches. His control is great.
  2. Eugene Beckham (40G, 35.2IP, 1.23WHIP, 4.04ERA, 34/39SVO)
    Signed w/PIT (3 yrs/$19.4M)
    He's average against RHB, but pretty good against LHB. He's got good control. Has 2 really good pitches. He's got tremendous velocity. Good stamina/durability combination. He does a solid job at keeping the ball on the ground.
  3. Jeff Hudson (61G, 53.2IP, 1.53WHIP, 4.86WHIP, 35/42SVO)
    Signed w/CLE (2 yrs/$8.8M)
    He's not going to walk many guys. He's got 2 great pitches. He throws hard. He's not going to keep the ball on the ground very well. He's got a great durability/stamina combination. He struggles at keeping the ball out of the hitting zone against RHB and is slightly above average against LHB.
hurricane384's take: These guys aren't going to be the saviors of your franchise, but they definitely can provide some help to the bullpen.

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