Friday, April 15, 2011


  1. Billy Lamb (.298/.368/.398; 27/36 SB; 9 HR, 66 RBI; 9 good plays, .996 fldg %)
    *Signed w/COL (4 yrs/$24.6M w/mutual option)
    One of the best defensive CF in the world, Lamb has good range, and a great glove. He's durable, and has decent speed. He doesn't make great contact, nor does he have even average power. He sees RHP really well, but is average against LHP. He has a tremendous eye which helps make up for some of his other offensive deficiencies.
  2. Wesley Carpenter (.261/.321/.409; 13 HR, 38 RBI; .993 fldg %, 2 bad plays in CF)
    While not having ideal range, Carpenter makes up for that with a very good glove. He's average at making contact, with slightly above average power. He has an above average eye. He's average against RHP and below average against LHP. He's durable. He has average speed.
  3. Pablo Velazquez (.245/.314/.298; 22 RBI, 33 R; 1.000 fldg %, 3 good plays)
    *Re-signed w/BAL (2 yrs/$7.0M; team option)
    Above average range combined with a good glove makes Velazquez a force to be reckoned with defensively. He's got termendous speed and good instincts on the basepaths. He is not going to strike out much. The issue is that he's below average against LHP and only average against RHP. He has a terrible eye and no power, so he struggles getting to put his speed and instincts to work.
hurricane384's take: A solid group, there's no real superstar here. You can build for the future with a couple guys in this group.

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