Friday, April 15, 2011


  1. Phil Perez (.312/.374/.479; 26 HR, 70 RBI; .958 Fldg %, 4.83RF)
    The #2 rated free agent overall is a strong defender, with the only worry being his range. He makes good contact, with average power. He sees the ball well against both RHP and LHP. He's got an above average eye. He's got above average speed. He may not be able to handle SS on a regular basis, as he committed 31 errors and 13 bad plays, but his offense may very well make up for that.
  2. Ivan Colbert (.214/.284/.385; 8 HR, 25 RBI; .967 Fldg %, 5.54RF) Signed w/NY1 for 2 years/$8.0M
    A defensive minded SS, Colbert is no slouch with the bat either. He's got decent power, sees the ball how you would like him to see it against both RHP and LHP. He isn't high on making contact as he's slightly below average in that department. He also doesn't have an ideal eye for the strike zone. He's got good range, a good glove, and a strong arm. He's a little erratic with his accuracy, so that could hurt him in a full-time position.
  3. Reid Aubrey (.256/.332/.330; 6 HR, 56 RBI; .940 Fldg % @ SS, 4.75RF**AAA)
    Aurbrey has great range and a very good arm, but he lacks the ideal glove to be a full time SS. He doesn't hit well, but does an exceptional job seeing the ball against RHP, although he's useless against LHP. His eye is slightly above average.
hurricane384's take: Other than Perez, and it's questionable whether he's a 2B/3B masquerading as a SS, there's not much to be had here. They all have their flaws, so they are role players more than they are a long-term answer.

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