Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Top FA 1B/DH

  1. Albert Belliard (.245/.380/.419; 15 HR, 48 RBI)
    Spending most of last season at C, Belliard is really more of a 1B/DH type of player. He has a tremendous eye, to go along with above average power. He drives the ball similarly against LHP and RHP. While he lacks ideal range for 1B, he has a decent glove. He's durable and not prone to injury.
  2. Max Palacios (.272/.352/.447; 19 HR, 60 RBI)
    While suffering somewhat of a decline over the offseason, Palacios is still a relatively dangerous hitter. What you got last season, is again what you'll see this season. He's average across the board. He's got a good eye though.
  3. Khiry Banks (.276/.340/.472; 26 HR, 78 RBI)
    Coming of an average season, Banks should perform like that again. He's not going to strike out much, and he's got enough power that when he puts the ball in play, he'll hit a few homers. He drives the ball well against RHP. He has an average eye which will hurt him.
hurricane384's take: This position group is solid at the top and then falls off dramatically. There is some solid talent, although not the type of talent one would expect from the 1B position.

tk's analysis:
If you’re looking to obtain a power bat at this position this season you’re out of luck. This is a weak FA class and even the top talent won’t cash in on huge contracts this season. I don’t see any of them being a game changer that pitchers are going to fear too much.

Albert Belliard – DH; Best player available in my opinion and that’s only because he beats out Palacios by a wide margin with his durability. He played in 114 games last season and he’s S1 numbers don’t jump out at you but his ratings suggest he could play better.

Max Palacios – DH; Nice solid bat but his defense to me warrants a DH spot, his durability will hinder how many times he’ll be able to swing the bat and lowers his value.

Khiry Banks – 1B; Still has low defense to play the position but a lot better than the other two; nice bat, although nothing jumps out at you as outstanding; hit 26 HR with 78 RBI last season.

Gene Melhuse – 1B; His ratings may not do much for you when looking them over but based on his production he lands a spot in my top 5. His avg isn’t great (.236) but he managed to hit 32 HR with 82 RBI last season, power is something I like at this position.

Freddie Hackman – 1B; Unfortunately he’ll probably play the best defense at 1B out of these 5 which doesn’t say much. He’s another guy that his ratings almost make you look past him but based on last season’s production (.258/21 HR/108 RBI) lands him the last spot in the top 5.

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