Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Top RF

  1. Harold McKnight LA
    .309/.394/.567; 39 HR, 139 RBI; 7 assists
    Superior defender. Very good power. Very good at making contact. Good eye. Poor baserunner. Good speed. Solid against RHP and LHP.
  2. Ernest Cambridge FLA
    .310/.400/.629; 45 HR, 130 RBI; 12 assists, 14 bad plays
    Average arm. Average range and glove. Great power. Better against LHP than RHP. Great eye. Very good speed. Average baserunner. Major health risk. Solid durability.
  3. Footsie McKinley BAL
    .309/.393/.531; 27 HR, 87 RBI; 7 assists, 2 good plays, 3 bad plays
    Average defensively. Slow. Solid baserunning instincts. Average power. Average at making contact. Very good against RHP. Solid against LHP. Great eye. Lacks ideal durability.

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