Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Top FA 2B

  1. Benjamin Hawkins (.272/.365/.338; 9 HR, 40 RBI; 34/51 SB; .977 Fldg %)
    Hawkins is a "bridge" player. He's got good range and a good glove, but below average arm. He makes good contact, without much power. He's better against LHP than RHP. He's got a decent eye. He's got above average speed to combine with solid baserunning abilities. He's not going to be anybody's future, but could definitely help them this season.
  2. Cliff Perry (.307/.396/.513; 16 HR, 60 RBI; .974 Fldg %**AAA)
    A poor defender, Perry could provide an offensive spark off the bench for those who are looking for it. He's got decent power and drives the ball decently. He's got a decent eye. He will strike out a fair amount. He's got average speed to go along with an average baserunning IQ. He's not a real answer to anybody's 2B woes.
  3. Joaquin Polonia (.301/.379/.390; 6 HR, 76 RBI; 57/64 SB; .979 Fldg %**AAA)
    Polonia has decent range and a decent glove, but a very weak arm. He makes good contact, while being utterly average at driving the ball. He'd be more of a force if his eye was above average. He's got really good speed. He's durable and is not a health concern.
hurricane384's take: Not a good crop, Hawkins is a likely bench piece, while the rest are probably minor league filler.

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