Friday, April 15, 2011


  1. Ed Parkinson (.260/.364/.493; 31 HR, 81 RBI)**INJ**
    Although he's hurt, Parkinson remains a talented player. It's a tempting thought, do you sign him for the stretch? Anyways, he is below average against RHP and LHP, but has a tremendous eye that combines with great power. He's below average defensively. He struggles with making good contact.
  2. Pablo Maranon (.275/.356/.433; 18 HR, 69 RBI)
    *Signed with MIL (5 yrs/$32.6M; mutual option)
    Makes solid contact with average power. He's above average against LHP and good against RHP. He's got a very good eye. He's got decent speed and a knack for running the bases. He's got decent range, but a poor glove. He's solid with the arm.
  3. Ricky Rose (.300/.366/.583; 45 HR, 120 RBI)
    *Signed with CIN (3 yrs/$21.7M)
    Makes good contact with good power. He's good against RHP and average against LHP. He's got an above average eye. He's got decent speed, although he's not a terrific baserunner. He's got average range, and a great glove (S1 GG). He's durable. Somewhat prone to injury, and doesn't have the ideal arm strength.
hurricane384's take: A talented group here, these top 3 could contribute, although Parkinson is a unique situation.

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