Friday, January 14, 2011

Top 70 FA Wrap-Up

Highest Paid Free Agent
Texas LHP Fausto Lopez (5 yrs, $89.0M, P/O)

Next Highest Paid Free Agent

Minnesota SS Pat Dunston (4 yrs, $68.0M)

Best Values
SF LHP Darryl Sodowsky (1 yr, $1.2M)
OAK 1B Nate Cunningham (2 yr, $4.0M)
HOU SS Robinzon Julio (1 yr, $2.2M)
STL RHP Keith Davis (1 yr, $2.4M)
BOS RHP Josh Baumann (2 yr, $5.0M)

Best Remaining Free Agents
#22 RHP Ned Turnbow
#23 LHP Vern Wright
#24 LHP Howie Hodges
#25 RHP Larry Shaw
#29 SS Larry Douglass

My Favorite Signing
The signing of Vinny Kwon by Boston was one I loved. To get the #3 relief pitcher for only $3.6 million was a steal. He can close or set up and he's a good one. He'll give you a lot of innings and really helps the Red Sox.

My Least Favorite Signing
The signing of Cord Duffy by the Chicago White Sox. He's 24 and is a solid pitcher, but it just seems to me like he was overpaid. He was the #46 free agent out there and got the 9th largest contract of the offseason. He's got room to grow, but right now this was my least favorite.

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