Monday, January 17, 2011

Top C

This position group is the 7th best position group in the world. Lacking that all-around defensive and offensive superstar, this group is mainly identified by the mashers that make up the top talent.
  1. Alex Gomez (MIL)
    For a C, Gomez is very mediocre on defense. He more than makes up for that with his offensive ability. He hits for power, gets on base, and doesn't have any problems driving the ball with consistency. His weakness is that he's purely average on defense. Not good at calling games with a decent arm. He's got above average durability, so he's going to need his rest. He's going to strike out some, but definitely not more than your typical star.
  2. Ronald Sirotka (KC)
    Sirotka is a durable catcher, with mediocre defensive abilities. He can hit for power, doesn't have any problems driving the ball and he's not going to strike out much. He is above average with his strike zone recognition, so he's not going to walk a whole lot. He's got a decent arm, but he's not going to change any games with his pitch-calling.
  3. Jake Rhodes (OAK)
    Definitely the worst defender in the top 3, Rhodes will change a game with his pitch-calling, unfortunately he's going to swing the game against Oakland. He's decently durable, but will need some rest. His arm definitely doesn't make up for his inability to call a game. He's not going to strike out much, and is definitely going to hit the ball well more times than not. He doesn't have elite power and is above average at getting on base.

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