Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Top RP

A very good group, there are some definite stars out there.
  1. Fred Adams (SF)
    Fred has decent durability and good stamina for a RP. He dominates RHB while doing pretty well against LHB. He has 2 good pitches and an above average pitch. Great velocity will lead to a lot of strikeouts. He's not going to walk many people either. He can get a groundball double-play should he run into trouble.
  2. Benny Waddell (LA)
    Waddell lacks the stamina/durability combination that one looks for in a truly elite closer, but his talent level is such that he's definitely worth using on a regular basis. He's got great control, that combines with the ability to avoid the hitting zones most of the time. He's a groundball pitcher, so he shouldn't serve up a lot of gophers balls. He's got good velocity that combine with a good pitch and 2 above average ones to generate some strikeouts.
  3. Elvis Janssen (TEX)
    Jansen doesn't quite have the stamina to be a starter so he's relegated to the bullpen. He's got good control that combines with an innate ability to force groundballs that should limit any trouble he runs into. He's got a great pitch, 2 above average pitches, and a below average pitch to go with great velocity. He should strike out a lot of batters. He's very good at keeping the ball out of the hitting zone.

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