Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Top 3B

A weak position group, you've got your basher and your quality defender, but not much else beyond that.
  1. Edgar Castillo (PHI)
    As an owner, your hope for this guy is that he is able to outproduce his horrific defense. He'd be better suited to the OF. He's got average speed. He does a really good job of driving the ball with consistency against RHP and LHP. He's got an above average eye. He's got great power and is good at putting the bat on the ball. Slightly below league average durability.
  2. Luther Becker (SEA)
    The best defensive player at 3B, he's got great range, great glove, and great arm. He's no slouch offensively either. He does a good job of putting the ball in play and is going to hit his fair share of homers as well. He does a good job of driving the ball. He's got a tremendous eye. He's durable and has decent speed.
  3. Barry Yearwood (PIT)
    If you can get past the below average range, Barry's a solid player. He has a good glove to go along with an above average arm. He's very durable. He has average speed and does an alright job of avoiding strikeouts. He can dominate LHP while holding his own against RHP. He has a good eye, so he should be on base often.

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