Thursday, January 20, 2011

Top SS

This is the second strongest group, and there are several very good players manning the SS position for their teams.
  1. Pat Dunston (MIN)
    Dunston received a monster contract during Free Agency and he was well worth it. He's got All-Star SS written all over him. He's got good power, does a good job at putting the ball in play and is solid at driving the ball. He's got great speed. His main weakness is his eye as he is only average in that category. Has good range, great glove, and a good arm. Very durable.
  2. Art Redding (FLA)
    One of the better defenders in the world, he has very good range, a good glove and the best arm in the world. He's very durable. He's got decent speed. He's not going to hit for a lot of power but should definitely hit for a high average. He does a solid job at driving the ball against RHP, but he is absolutely dominant against LHP. He has an above average eye so he's going to get on base some.
  3. Steve Gil (TB)
    Gil is very durable, although his overall health is a bit of a concern. He does a great job of making contact and is dominant against LHP while doing pretty against RHP. He's got a good eye and good power. His speed is average. His range and glove are well below average when compare with the rest of the SS position, but he does have a good arm and his offense more than makes up for the defensive weakness.

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