Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Top FA C

The catching position is not very deep. Several players lack the knowledge of calling a game and that hurts them. There are only 2 quality "true" catchers on the market.
  1. Reggie Vickers SEA (3 yrs - $11.4M)
    Vickers is a solid defender with an accurate arm and knowledge of calling a game. He's an average hitter who doesn't do anything well, but does everything well enough. Might struggle with drawing walks. Has good durability and can definitely perform for a team that is weak at this position.
  2. Chris Watson
    Watson is a solid defender with good durability. He can hit for some power and make decent contact. He's able to work the count and get on base. He doesn't really drive the ball all that well against righties though. He'll solidify the catching position for those in need.
  3. Houston Butler HOU (1 yr - $3.0M)
    Butler is more of a DH as he doesn't call games well at all. He has a decent arm. It is very telling about the state of this position when the next 3 players are worse at calling a game than him. He can hit for power, some contact and really thrives against righties. He doesn't have a great command of the strike zone.

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