Friday, January 21, 2011

Top CF

This group is highlighted by guys whose offense makes up for their defense to a degree. It's a solid group.
  1. Rolando Cairo (TOR)
    While he lacks the range one would expect from a top-notch CF, his ability to change the complexion of a game with one swing of the bat makes up for it. He's got great power, dominates RHP while holding his own against LHP. He isn't the greatest at making contact, but he's not going to strike out a lot. He's got a good eye that combines with good speed that will allow him to steal some bases. Durable, but a health risk.
  2. Ricky Rose (MIL)
    He's going to have trouble covering the gaps, but the balls that he does get to, he will make the play on. He's got good power and makes contact quite a bit. He drives the ball well against RHP but struggles a bit against LHP. He's got an above average that when combined his speed will allow a few stolen bases. Durability is great.
  3. Ringo Johnson (TEX)
    He's got the range to get to the balls, but his glove is lacking a bit. He's got a great arm for a CF. He's got tremendous power but doesn't make contact at a tremendous rate, while still avoiding the home run or nothing label that typically plagues power hitters. He dominates RHP but really struggles against LHP. He's got an average command of the strike zone. He's very durable.

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