Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Top FA 1B

With only 6 players eligible for free agency, 1B is the smallest crop of free agents out there. That doesn't mean they are the weakest, in fact, they are #2 among the position player groups.
  1. Jason Engle TOR (5 yrs, $18.5M)
    Engle is a very solid player, unlikely to be an all-star, but definitely able to perform admirably for a team. He can work the count, make good contact, hit for some power, and drive the ball nearly as well against lefties as he can righties. He can bridge the game for some team that has a young hotshot who isn't quite ready.
  2. Spike Allen
    How can you not like a guy named Spike? He's epitome of an all-or-nothing hitter. He's going to strike out A LOT. In between striking out a lot though, he's going to hit home runs...lots of home runs...he's going to walk a lot. The downside is he isn't consistent against lefties and is just OK against righties.
  3. Nate Cunningham (2 yrs - $4.0M)
    Another all-or-nothing player, Nate has tremendous power to go along with a great eye for the strike zone. He's going to struggle against lefties, while holding his own against righties. Given 500 ABs, he's likely going to strike out in 150 of them. For the low cost, might be worth a look.

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