Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Another very poor group, none of the top 3 are going to finish in the top half of the league on defense.
  1. Aaron Rosen
    Rosen is a decent player. He's got below average range with an average glove. He's durable, he stays healthy. He's going to strike out some, but he's got some power to go with a decent eye. He's a decent baserunner to go along with above average speed. He's not bad at driving the ball. Don't look for him to win a gold glove, but he could help out a team.
  2. Bryce May NO (1 yr - $3.5M)
    Not really a true CF, he has very poor range to go with a decent glove. He's going to strike out and has a little bit of power. He drives the ball well. He's got an above average eye to go with decent speed and baserunning ability. He might be best suited to the COF.
  3. Yuniesky Zapata NY2 (2 yrs - $3.8M)
    He is the most likely to remain at CF throughout the season. He's got slightly below average range that combines with a great glove. He's not going to strike out much, but he's not going to hit for a lot of power. He won't steal a lot of bases with average speed. He's going to struggle against righties. He's average at recognizing the strike zone. He's durable so should see a lot of playing time.

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